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Nokia doesn't sound impressed with iPhone

Written by Dave Horvath @ 11 Jan 2007 9:05 User comments (13)

Nokia doesn't sound impressed with iPhone In a report listed in Finnish business daily, Taloussanomat, Nokia's head of multimedia, Anssi Vanjoki said Apple's iPhone is impressive but their goals are not set very high.
Apple unveiled their slick new iPhone on Tuesday with its large display, unique multi-touch interface, iPod compatibility and smartphone features. Vanjoki stated, "It is quite an interesting product but it is lacking a few essential features, such as 3G, which would enable fast data connections." This comes from a company who's in direct rivalry for mp3 enabled cellular phones.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs stated in his keynote that he looks forward to capturing just 1% or 10,000,000 of the total cell phones forcasted to sell worldwide by 2008. Nokia retorted in saying that objective doesn't seem very high. Vanjoki added that Apple's innovative product will give an additional boost to the market but only proves that Nokia's business strategy was right.

Nokia has sold some 70 million MP3 enabled phones last year but analysts say Nokia's efforts only account for a small amount of total sales. It would appear Apple is up for some stiff competition. With their $499-$599 pricepoint and bling-o-plenty, the real test will be if consumers prefer glitz over real-world usability.


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13 user comments

111.1.2007 13:39

I just read on another site that there is no removable battery? Can anyone confirm? This rules it way out for me if that is true!! I have three cell batteries I use all the time.

211.1.2007 16:57

I haven't found any details as to whether or not this thing has removable batteries, but I know that currently it doesn't show any removable memory, which is just as bad. This looks like a really cool product, but I think that the flaws it might have could be worse than the innovations it added. Non-removable anything is the biggest one, followed by that touch screen (which looks very nice, but easily scratched). If I had a greasy hand and touched that screen, who knows what would happen to it. The only thing that looked pretty promising is the OS's interface. I can't really comment on OS X, but it looks pretty good implemented on this device. If I were to get a smart phone, I would be interested in getting something like this, but then again, I really don't need one.

311.1.2007 21:54

With so many cool and capable phones in Korea and Japan, I'd rather build a business around making those phones work here in the US. The iPhone is just as dumb as the iPod, and I'm sure a good chunk of those idiots will buy the phone just to have it.

412.1.2007 2:26

Apple CEO Steve Jobs stated in his keynote that he looks forward to capturing just 1% or 10,000,000 of the total cell phones forcasted to sell worldwide by 2008.... those numbers should just about cover the fanboy market. lol

512.1.2007 17:09

I think it's a begining...rather than having a cell that connects to internet...have internet cell that can make phone calls and watch tv or movies or whatever....but I agree need removable batteries and removable memory (prefer SD)and perhaps a removable chip that would id and store phone numbers same idea as sims card...the touch screen is definately a must...I am a little surprise that this is going the Apple way and not Microsoft. Even though the media will be Windows a little hard to follow..none the less too much money for not enough iphone..will wait for nokia to make a better one.

612.1.2007 18:57

I have a Nokia phone and its great. Still if apple is only going after 1% of the market whats other competitors problems with that they will still have a vast amount of the market niche.

712.1.2007 22:01

not to sound like a apple hater but i have a oldish nokia 3205 its build like a tank and i just cant kill it but if apple make a fone it will be built like a f1 car flashy & fast but any bump and it smashes to 100s of pieces. nokia has nothing to worry bout

813.1.2007 19:17

Maybe it's true Nokia shouldn't be worried, but what apple has done, is beyond any other "smart" phone Nokia or anyone else has created. And it will take some years before Nokia or anyone else to catch up with this technology. All MP3 makers are still to reach half of what Apple did with the iPod years ago (Zune anyone xD )Bravo Apple! Another thing, people who buy these type phones are not the same people who buy bricks, or phones built like tanks. The only disadvatage I see, is that the iPhone is tied to Cingular alone. The target of 1% is 10 million units... watch steve jobs and crew surpass that by far. Yeah, just like they did with the "dumb" iPod, with millions of units sold to "idiots" and almost a BILLION songs through iTunes . LOL!

915.1.2007 18:05

I agree with Rikoshay 100%, he shares my exact concerns and opinions about the phone's pretty, pretty interface :)

1015.1.2007 19:04

I agree with the comment SamNz posted about the delicacy issue. It's main practicality will end up being its ease of use, not its durability. I'm pretty sure that 1% of buyers of cell phones are looking for what this thing is offering, because it seems only 1% of cell phone buyers want what this offers. :P @ kshep92: :D

1115.1.2007 21:48

I like Nokia for its battery duration. Not clear about that of iPhone. Tell me if you have experienced.

1218.1.2007 7:52

are you kidding me, $600 dollars. I paid $400 for a damn Blade and I'm ready to throw it out the window(I didnt' renew my contract with Sprint when it was up, so I paid that much just in case I wanted to get the hell out of Sprints bind). I don't see the use for an iPhone to be honest. if it's anything like the iPod, you're paying too much for a phone which resembles an iPod, and I'm already traumatized from the experience with iPod, so why buy a phone that will probably last you a year without being modified or pryed open if I find out how to find and buy another hard drive for it and then the Screen goes out for no aparent reason. then Good bye to your contacts, songs, videos, etc. and no removable battery, it's like they dont' listen to the customers because it seems that no one is really making that big of a fuss about having a dispable iPod, Jesus, they need to get on the ball, I'll still go with a Nokia if anything.

1318.10.2007 0:27

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