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Meridian allows 1080p from your iPod

Written by Dave Horvath @ 13 Jan 2007 15:27 User comments (6)

Meridian allows 1080p from your iPod High definition solutions provider Meridian announced at CES that it has come out with an iPod docking station capable of broadcasting your media in true 1080p on your HDTV. The MV-D1 is an almost entirely polished red device with curious looking Source, Format and Connect buttons, complimenting the standard Volume keys. Inside the MV-D1 is an integrated Marvell's 88DE2710 digital video format converter which handles upscaling the images from the iPod screen to your big screen.
Meridian states that the device will take any standard definition or high definition video and convert it to a true 1080p resolution for optimal viewing. Output happens via an HDMI connector which is in charge of cleaning up the digital noise in the picture and sending a good clean signal to your television. Powering this unit is easy, as you can connect to a standard AC outlet or provide power through USB. Finally, the unit contains digital audio out for a true HD experience.

Pricing and availability hasn't been released yet, but don't expect Meridian to make people wait too long.


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6 user comments

113.1.2007 17:27

im getting it

214.1.2007 5:54

pretty cool

314.1.2007 21:40

looks pricey....I want TWO!!

415.1.2007 3:16

PRICEY is correct!

Meridian manufactures VERY high-end audio and video equipment. Their "lower-tier" 596 model DVD player retailed for over $4,000 while their "reference" 800 model was priced at $14,500 when it came out.

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515.1.2007 8:32

Meridian is a great company and in the past targets only big business. Recently they have lowered their pricing to include the average person with their MLP encoder products used by hollywierd and professional studios. This is great for the iPod however it is overkill big time as iPods file size format degrades so much to begin with, will it make up the difference, I think not. It's like hooking up a AM transistor radio to Klipsch Horns, just doesn't make sense. But I guess it will perform better then just using your TV's upconversion feature if you have that.

618.1.2007 10:44

I think this is good. But ill stick to my normal basic video ipod. :)

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