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Written by Dave Horvath @ 19 Jan 2007 4:59 User comments (14) goes up for sale Thanks to a collaboration by big music labels and possibly stemming from lawsuits like the one filed for libel by Sharman Networks back in June, owner John Newton has announced that he will now entertain offers to buy his company for serious offers above $30,000.
On John Newton's website he cites companies like Warner Brothers, Sony BMG and EMI, to name a few, for increased pressure on his advertising contracts to not support a site that gave a voice to copyright infringement. A few of his advertisers that helped pay the bills to run the website pulled out due to the increased pressure from the music industry, which left Newton with no other avenue but to sell. Additionally, it appears Google doesn't want to be affiliated with either as they have blocked the website from participating in Google Adsense.

Newton states that donations from loyal readers has totalled a modest $2,000. I'm sure you can imagine that amount wouldn't account for much of the operation costs, at least for anytime to come. Newton also stated that he never intended to become a business, but he hopes that selling it could mean that a group could nurture the website into what he believes it can be. He's expressed preferences for someone who is P2P friendly to purchase the site, so it doesn't go away. If things don't go the way he wants them to with the sale, he says he will offer up the domain name alone for sale with no content.


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14 user comments

119.1.2007 6:31

Its like warner brothers and Sony have nothing better to do than to destroy peoples lives, so sad.

219.1.2007 7:51

I am surprised the media mafia dosent buy it and starts up their own propaganda...

319.1.2007 11:48

He's got a website that no advertisers want to advertise on, and he wan'ts 30K+ for it?

419.1.2007 12:21

give em time zip

519.1.2007 20:29

It is a sad day when a little battler is pressured out of the game by the big boy's and then the big boy's buy the battlers toys so they can play and control everything. Shame.

619.1.2007 20:42

This is lame, the man should be able to do what he wants with a website. He isn't offering illegal downloads or anything along those lines. Whats next? Knock on virtual wood, but would they sue US (AfterDawn) because we help people make legal backups of DVDs or that we help people setup bittorrent so they can legally download stuff but they would sue under "Intention to help members commit copyright infringement" or some BS like that? This, my fellow members, is a very sad day and in my opinion should get the United States put on the "Enemies of the Internet" list (as I assume that is where most of these companies are based). Peace

721.1.2007 16:27

Welcome to Global Corporate Fascism ! If you think individual rights have been limited in the past, corporate Globalism is obliterating nation states around the world and eliminating local citizen's basic rights. Who will you complain to when your trash is not picked up and your governmental point of contact is on a different continent, or do you dare complain or show any dissent at all! The US has been doing it's part for the last 4 years by covertly converting obsolete military bases into internment centers. The question is, who are they planning to confine in these centers? I didn't elect Bill Gates to any position of power, did you?

821.1.2007 21:30

Yea the USA is goin' to hell in a handbox! However hackers/crackers are the freedomfighters/last hope! Long live the crackers!

922.1.2007 8:40

lame, i definately remember seeing straght up ads for google on some sites like and stuff. and you see netflix adds in its all so weird. everyone is all for p2p untill the massive media bullies come in and make everyone their bitch.

1022.1.2007 10:22

Hmmm, the way I see it, is the P2P giants are gonna start gobbling up tiny indie islands that are untouchable by the AA's or start setting up moble command posts...or am I way off.........?

1122.1.2007 14:22

It's a shame why are companies so scared that they wont pay for adds on this site?

1222.1.2007 14:44

such a joke , especially when you see companies like ( our friends who help sponsor this site and make and sell AnyDVD and CloneDVD, software designed to defeat the copyright protection on media ) serving google ads on their home page with no problem whatsoever.

1322.1.2007 14:47

or even this one.... a bit torrent web site that specialises in sharing pirated copies of microsoft xbox discs and has google ads plastered all over their pages !!! what hypocrites the authorities are, insane !

1422.1.2007 15:56

One reason I like emule/amule! Emule/Windows - amule/Linux. No ads/hypocracy!

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