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Zune could launch in Europe by end of year

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 22 Jan 2007 18:21 User comments (4)

Zune could launch in Europe by end of year Microsoft Corp. has hinted that its Zune player ands services could be available in Europe by the end of 2007. The company claims it is happy with the sales of the Zune so far in the United States, saying Zune has 10.2% market share "in the 30 gigabyte category". Marketing Director, Jason Reindorp, told Reuters that Microsoft was realistic about the competition it faces in the iPod-dominated market.
"You couldn't get a more entrenched competitor," he said at the annual music industry Midem Net conference in France. "But we feel really good about the first steps that we've taken." He revealed that Microsoft was still not ready to announce any official launch plans for Europe, but that it could be out by the end of the year.

"The industry moves in this sort of Christmas to Christmas cycle. So you can expect that there will be more devices, more features in the market at that point," he said. "Our next round of introductions will probably be in time for the holiday of this year." Reindorp said the company planned research with focus groups in Europe to see how the device could be modified to better suit a European consumer.

He said the Zune was still on track to sell 1 million units by June 30th.


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4 user comments

123.1.2007 6:48

Attention Europeans: We can't be bothered to sell you our device! We don't want your money! In fact, if you do want it, you won't be able to have it until a full year after the US! That's how much we value Europe as a market.

223.1.2007 7:28

The europeans and Australians are buying Zune on ebay left and right. Top dollar, too.

324.1.2007 18:31

Not bad start for Microsoft having 10% of the market.

427.1.2007 15:20

Don't beleive the Hype! Zune does not hold 10% of the market. Multiple studies have already proven that Zune is lucky to hold 4% of only the 30gig market which is extremely low. Most companies sell either higher or lower gig models. Apple and the makers of Zen and a few others are using the 30gig drives so no big whoopee. Places in the U.S. have already started to clearance Zune products due to lack of sales. Just another lackluster job by Microcrap to try to own a peice of the techno puzzle. Oh and gee they are gonna get games soon. I think that was called the PSP right, oh sorry I forgot you don't actually invent anything you just mimic others or buy them out. All I can say is good riddance to Microcrap don't want ya, don't need ya!

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