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Norway threatens Apple with legal action over iTunes

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 25 Jan 2007 7:25 User comments (11)

Norway threatens Apple with legal action over iTunes The pressure continues to pile up on Apple Computer Inc. over its use of Digital Rights Management (DRM) software that effectively ties music bought from the iTunes music store with the company's iPod brand of MP3 players. The Norwegian consumer ombudsman has given Apple a warning to open access to music downloads the company offers by October 1st or face legal consequences.
Last June, the Norwegian ombudsman said that iTunes violated the law by forcing its customers to play their legal music downloads on its iPods. The decision prompted other European countries to review the situation. "They must make iTunes music compatible with other players than the iPod by the end of September, or we will take them to court," the ombudsman, Bjoern Erik Thon, told Reuters.

"iTunes is imposing unreasonable and unbalanced restrictions that are not in accordance with Norwegian law," he added. He said the courts could impose fines on iTunes until the service offers downloads that are compatible with rival devices. The case would initially be handled by Norway's Market Council, and if appealed, would move on to ordinary courts.


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11 user comments

125.1.2007 8:18

It's nice to see people putting the screws to Apple but I would prefer to see a reasonable law suite which this shouldn't be. If Apple wants their player to be totally proprietary they should have that option. People should regulate such practices by not buying them if so deemed. I hate the guarantee attitude the world tends to embrace so closely these days which goes against free enterprise. This is so like Norway and their socialistic approach to everything.

225.1.2007 14:33

I like this lawsuit. If for instance, the Beatles library of music goes to itunes and they have a deal where you can't buy it legally from any other download site, then anyone with an mp3 player should be able to download that music to their own player.

325.1.2007 17:36

I don't understand why everyone goes after Apple, well I do, it's because their succeeding. But how is iTunes different from any other DRM music store? You can't play any of that downloaded music on any mp3 player you want, much less an iPod.

425.1.2007 21:24

norwegian law hello apple is in the u.s.a and is goverend by u.s.a law not by norwegian law also the itunes music store works with more players if the player supports mp3 and apple lossless it's not apples fault that mp3 manufactures cant create a mp3 player that supports other formats this is not apples fault

526.1.2007 7:44

Gate’s and Jobb’s are amongst the worst thieves and corporate raiders out there this is why people go after them. They’re also the first to cry foul when it happens to them, typical thieves. I love how people are so blind and brainwashed by Apple, their new phone is suppose to be revolutionary but if you do the home work you’ll find they aren’t, just like iPods. I’ll reiterate, as much distain as I have for Apple they should not be sued for making a proprietary product, which should be their prerogative.

626.1.2007 12:40

tabletpc, Apple is taking norwegian money from norwegian citizens... Norway gives the world an example of protecting its citizens, others should follow it instead of saying amen to corporate rules... Mr-Movies, Norway isn´t against free enterprise but against "client lock-up", which is a practice deemed illegal in most free countries...

726.1.2007 13:42

But it's trivial to convert the songs to MP3. Hell, they used to say you had to burn it onto a CD and reimport it as MP3, but now there's an option in the context menu that lets you convert to MP3 in the library. Apple even tells you how to do it. So even if you pay for iTunes music, there's no reason to get an iPod.

826.1.2007 15:49

If you want it to work you just use the converter that comes with ITunes

926.1.2007 22:41

last time i checked norway isn't a free country

1027.1.2007 8:34

It's more free than Zimbabwe. Or Saudi Arabia. Or...the Axis of Evil!!! Etc. Norway is fairly free and liberal. Sweden moreso, but most of the Scandinavian countries and other North Sea countries are quite free.

1130.1.2007 7:31

I think this good I mean you pay for your Itunes music why not enjoy it on any MP3 player you want?

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