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Nintendo Wii compromised? modchip coming?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 28 Jan 2007 10:19 User comments (30)

Nintendo Wii compromised? modchip coming? It is reported that the Nintendo Wii console has already fallen victim to hackers, with the release of a Modchip that will play game backups of the same region as the host console expected on February 1st. The Wiinja modchip only needs 5 wires soldered to the device. ISOs of Wii games have been available for download on the Internet for some time now. Here are some details provided on the chip...
Non Swap / Direct Boot

Boots Own Region WII Backups Directly

Boots Own Region Gamecube Backups Directly

Boots Imports Gamecube Backups by SWAP

Easy Soldering / 5 Wires

35 Retail Price (Doesn't include taxes)

Support DVD-R and DVD+R (Good Media Quality +R)

Universal EUROPE/USA/JAPAN Wii Console Supported

NOT Upgradeable
I can't find any real confirmation on whether this product is the real deal or just another fake to trick the console scene. However, it is already available to order on certain mod sites and there isn't much reason to speculate that it is fake.


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30 user comments

128.1.2007 10:24

Theres a surprise it was only a matter of time! tbh

228.1.2007 10:43

This news is nothing but good, but, I still prefer soft mods!

328.1.2007 10:48

the hack boys are making record times! wow the wii hasnt been out that long! they hacked it before the stores got thier second shipment!

428.1.2007 11:50

Why not just wait for the Wii emulator to come out for Xbox360 or PS3. =)

528.1.2007 12:48

"Why not just wait for the Wii emulator to come out for Xbox360 or PS3. =)" _________ Is that a joke or is that possible?! If its possible...why not wait for it on PC?! :)! :)! :)!

628.1.2007 12:49

haha awesome, nintendo wanted to earn money on each console they sold by making a simple system with simple architecture, they didnt realize it was also easy to hack, now nintendo will lose millions because of their greed. im glad though, ill be buying a modded Wii so i can play copied games some time soon.

728.1.2007 12:54

thats a good news!

828.1.2007 13:09

when is the ps3 going to be modded, man

928.1.2007 13:36

I feel srry for nintendo, this is to soon, not even half a year and they are going to be screwed over by hackers.

1028.1.2007 13:56

Good thing Nintendo is making a small profit on every console sold and at least half to three fourths of the wii gamers won't hack it.

1128.1.2007 14:24

So true tnarulz, I really doubt much more than 10% of the Wii owners will actually mod theirs. They will lose some of the money on the games but people will still buy the consoles.

1228.1.2007 15:09

Hmm, the site looks legit, but there's always something that tells me this is a phoney. It's too short a time since the Wii was released, I don't see how someone would come up with a modchip in just over 2 months.

1328.1.2007 15:10

I think nintendo will be ok with this one. They're targeting a non-traditional gaming audience who won't be aware of modchips and/or won't be willing to void their warranty by having their shiny new Wii modded.

1428.1.2007 15:50

I love my wii just the way it is, couldn't care less about this mod. I don't mind paying for games.

1528.1.2007 16:07

ill be one of the 10%

1628.1.2007 16:53

the thing for me i prefer mod chips so u can make back ups of games mainly because its not cheap but the down side is it leaves the door open for ppl to download or copy games illegally.....its never a fair game......

1728.1.2007 17:25

A small guide has also been released on how to backup Wii disks. But its not worth it yet IMHO. Because it takes about fifty hours to make a backup and the Chip is still in its youth so its non-upgradeable and a new one will probably be twice as good for the same or less cost in a few weeks.

1828.1.2007 17:36

yea the chip is still in its youth, but hey its a start, my dear fellow hackers will perfect it within months! i cant wait to buy my modded wii and get all the games i want! sure theres still dumb people who likes to pay but thats their bussiness.

1928.1.2007 19:00

This was comming soon well done.

2129.1.2007 7:21

Here is a link that better talks about this, this mod will only allow you to play back up of GAMECUBE games only.

2229.1.2007 9:54

Here is another new chip that allows wii backuos to be played

2329.1.2007 10:17

Not bad for a little update. Did any ever get to check out the actual video of the bootloader for twilight princess? Should still be on Not a bad vid if you ask me...

2430.1.2007 6:51

wow that was fast. I kind of feel bad for Nintendo tho, I agree tho not to many ppl will mod theirs I know I wont. I don't mind supporting Nintendo, hell they were there supporting me as a child. Those were good times.

2530.1.2007 6:51

wow that was fast. I kind of feel bad for Nintendo tho, I agree tho not to many ppl will mod theirs I know I wont. I don't mind supporting Nintendo, hell they were there supporting me as a child. Those were good times.

2630.1.2007 7:00

Prehaps nintendo has figured ut over the top copy protections on hardware and to a point on software only waste money if they make a profit off console sales and then sue any large chip maker/seller then they will save money in the long run and let people mod the system in the shadows. if its only 5 wires SIGN ME UP! I hate the bloody 20 wire installs.

2730.1.2007 13:30

exactly copy protection just costs both the company and the consumer money and even then it is easily bypassed. Also sorry about the double post from above how can I remove it?

285.2.2007 8:44

i got hit by lightning for spamming this fine site!!! edited by ddp

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295.2.2007 15:52

weird but cool

301.3.2007 3:52


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