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Amateur filmmakers use video sites to get paid

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 27 Jan 2007 18:50 User comments (11)

Amateur filmmakers use video sites to get paid Amateur filmmakers are increasingly turning to the Internet not only to achieve the fame they crave, but to also get paid for the distribution of their videos. Sites like YouTube are revolutionizing how we share and view video clips online, but there are many more sites offering filmmakers better video quality and the possibility of earning some money for their videos.
Joe Eigo is a martial arts expert who created a video "Matrix - For Real" and subsequently added it to the video site The video gathered great attention in a few months time, adding up to over 5 million views, and $25,000 in revenue for Eigo. "I was really surprised," said Eigo, who occasionally lands stunt man roles in movie and theater productions.

"We're being much more selective about the videos than other sites because we think this is about entertainment," Metacafe founder Arik Czerniak said. Metacafe pays $5 for 1,000 views, and begins paying out for videos after 20,000 views (a minimum payout of $100). YouTube is also currently working on an ad revenue sharing system for original content.


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11 user comments

128.1.2007 4:26

Will they pay on home made porn? Seems like a big business.

228.1.2007 9:25

i have 5,000 views on one of my youtube videos, 1/4 of the way to my crispy hundo!

328.1.2007 9:44

what about those click scams where people are just paid to click on shit all day? what if i set up a bot to watch my videos all day?

428.1.2007 15:06

It's probably based on your IP address, so you need 20000 unique views.

528.1.2007 15:30

Wow thats a great idea. Wish I would have thought of it! D'OH!

629.1.2007 15:39

Sounds good! I want a piece of the action!

730.1.2007 7:01

sounds easy money. You know if your creative and entertaining. Man I need to get creative and entertaining fast.

830.5.2010 3:49
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930.5.2010 6:45

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1030.5.2010 17:17

Wow -xboxdvl2 - surely your post is in jest. If not then you need some help. Let's leave that type of post off the forum. Go someplace else if you really need to post crap like that.
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