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PSP firmware upgrade 3.10 released

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 31 Jan 2007 15:53 User comments (15)

PSP firmware upgrade 3.10 released Sony has released the latest firmware for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) console, v3.10, worldwide. The updater was released slightly earlier by SCE Korea some days ago. Here are the updates that 3.10 makes to the PSP system...
Support for PlayStation Network titles had been expanded
  • Support for the MPEG-4 AVC format has been added under [LocationFree Player]
  • [Dynamic Normalizer] has been added as a feature under [Sound Settings] in [Settings]
  • [Conserve Memory] has been added as an option in [View Settings] under [Internet Browser].
  • The update is considered mostly as a minor update to the PSP system. Still missing is the PlayStation Network or PlayStation Store support, meaning users still have to rely on the PS3 console for that.


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    15 user comments

    131.1.2007 16:12

    hehe its already been decrypted so i guess we'll soon see 3.10 oe-a pretty soon

    21.2.2007 15:00

    so this update really adds nothing special. When will they make an update for the Playstation store??

    32.2.2007 23:11

    ITS BECAUSE OF THIS FIRMWARE I WAS ABLE TO UNBRICK MY PSP ALTOHUGH YOU CAN PLAY PIRATE GAMES AND HOMEBREW 150 YOU DONT HAVE ANY INTERNET CONNECTIONS OR SECURITY firewall PLUS YOU CANT EVEN CHANGE THE FONT OR BACKGROUND PICTURE AND YOU HAVE TO RELY ON HOMEBRE APPS, this firmware SAVED my PSP Hello I had a very intresting expreince with my PSP (4days old) First I had checked what firmware it had - it was firmware 2.81 I then went to for the HEN release to upgrade to 3.03 then from the HEN 3.03 there was a downgrader to 1.50 with the help of using GTA (the first one not vicy city) - ( WHITCH I PICKED UP IN GAMESTATION FOR 15 SECONDHAND) once copied all the necessary files in the PSP root etc and booting the GTA game I was able to downgrade to 1.50 and play copied games, after macking about I relised I needed to update to 2.00 to play certain games and thats when I got all kind of errors because the firmware wasent SONY's and the PSP would just sit there for with no screen picture but to my suprise after 130secs (because I counted yes im sad) the picture would turn on but if you push any button the picture would go, so any way with only the sound working I waited for the picture to show up again and remeberd the icons around me and managed to get to the USB and activate it so that I could put the sony reliese firmware of 3.01 on it. SO DID YOU UNBRICK YOUR PSP? Yes I did! by waitng a stupid amount of time to load the firmware (remeber 130secs for each sreen shoot then complete darkness) I was able to run the firmware, but the problems I encounted were... When the PSP booted after agreeing to run the firmware it was completely dark and only with sound was I able to know when I was (there is basically an error screen to begin with so you push x or o to get past the first screen then the second screen is licence agreement then push x to agree to the update). I managed to update my firmware to 3.01 and I knew it was working when I puched the x button at the end of the menu becase A after pushing right so many times there was only the button noise if I pushed left so I was at the end of the menu B after pushing x button no noises from the buttons came out and the CARD MEM LIGHT was flashing indicating it was loading something. the PSP after 2mins self powered down, I thought it was bricked and blown up but to my suprise when I powered up, everything worked! I hope this has been helpful, or if you cant do it and you had the same expirence email me and I try my best to help ( I AM NOT AN EXPERT JUST GOT LUCKY AND CAN ONLY HELP IF YOU HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM AS ME ANY WORSE AND YOUR ON YOUR OWN!) also if you have a briked PSP like the fault I mentioned I wouldent mind buying it from you for 40 for just the PSP and battery. Cheers Ben White from Stevenage

    46.2.2007 0:36

    I'm sticking with 2.71.

    520.2.2007 3:02

    When you say your PSP was bricked do you mean when you first switched it on nothing came on the screen but the green power light was on?

    I have this problem with mine and was wondering if what you did will solve it??

    620.2.2007 5:36

    Yes that is the case, but I had sound so I was able to dertemin where the memory stick options were etc, so YES IT DID resolve it.

    720.2.2007 15:05

    Originally posted by Moose34:
    When you say your PSP was bricked do you mean when you first switched it on nothing came on the screen but the green power light was on?

    I have this problem with mine and was wondering if what you did will solve it??
    Moose34, if you have a custom firmware, you can enter recovery mode by holding down the right trigger during a cold boot. If not, you can buy a modchip and solder it to replace your flash. If you can't solder or are not confident in your soldering skills, have someone else do it, or sell your PSP on e-bay and buy a new one.

    821.2.2007 0:43

    no it was HALF / BRICKED I was able to hear sound so that the firmware downgrade was half complete and I was able to reflash the firmware to 3.03 then back to 1.50

    but what your advising is that you most likely had PSP with 2.71 firmware and used the downdater with the update.bpb (which was 1.50 but renamed) and caused it to brick - most comon cause the PSP turns on but doesnt access the memory stick or shows a picture or sound and after 30secs the power turns of, the only way to unbrick this is to open the PSP bit by bit and when you get to your mother board you will have to flip a switch back on your motherboard which is located behind the screen, I cant tell you exalty but you have to switch this back, once this is done the USB will be avaiable to you so that you can reflash the firmware but you will need a DUMP from some one elses psp, I think can download this from psphacks or (please dont kill me if you cant find the site I may be wrong) but sounds difficult but its not, thats how the PSP repair services do it.

    I hope this was helpfull,

    just check for a guide on how to dismantal the PSP and you should be fine (ps. taking the sticker under the battery to get into your PSP will void the warrenty)

    Ben White from stevenage :P

    921.2.2007 4:45

    I fogot to mention you will need to get a PC EPP LPT Interface Adaptor to flash the firmware

    103.3.2007 15:38

    I think I bricked my PSP.
    sg1ben , I'm interested by what you said.
    If the MS led flashes, it means I can have hope of recovery.
    Can you explain how ?

    PC EPP LPT Interface Adaptor to flash the firmware

    and the switch you talk about is with the Undiluted Platinium mod chip ?
    This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 03 Mar 2007 @ 16:04

    1121.3.2007 18:23

    I have the same problem as naperrin and my screen turns black with a greenish blue tint. I hope something can be done without me sodering much. ('V')

    1222.3.2007 3:41

    the U P chip will unbrick the PSP, because it loads a second bios
    you can try taking the PSP apart bit by bit and flipping the switch at the back of the PSPs motherboard

    1320.8.2007 6:04

    ok on this switch thing how come ive never heard of this. and why is this just coming up for me. ive been in the scene since fw2.71 came out, and ive never came across this. but now ive finally bricked it, where is this switch, and is it on the up or on the unmodded psp? please help im having withdrawals, and im having to change the channels from the tv cause i have no irshell lol.

    1420.8.2007 7:56

    you will have to open the psp up and no solding or chiping is envolved.

    give this a try mate

    1520.8.2007 8:23

    will give it a try.

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