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N-Gage to make re-appearance?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 31 Jan 2007 15:42 User comments (15)

N-Gage to make re-appearance? It is being reportedly that Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia, has redesigned its N-Gage gaming system and is already showing it to the industry. Apparently, at a secret location in Santa Monica last week, companies that include Sega, Disney, Sony, Glue Wireless and EA Mobile were shown some of the new features that the revamped device offers.
One interesting feature that the device supposedly offered is the ability to share gaming content with friends on a limited basis. One user could send a limited capabilities version of the game to another friend who can decide to upgrade to full versions over-the-air

N-Gage never really made it as a device and so was re-invented as a platform for gaming on mobile phones.

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15 user comments

131.1.2007 17:05

please nokia stop with this ngage nonsense. it was crap as as a phone and even worse as a gaming device.

231.1.2007 17:35

another failure in the making.

331.1.2007 17:37


431.1.2007 19:12

n gage suxxxx.. its gameboy. only with a phone.. and i mean the old gameboy.. lol..

531.1.2007 21:28

Oh no, not again!

61.2.2007 1:33

ngage noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not again

71.2.2007 4:12

hmm, i think its only me who like ngage then.. its cheap, its symbian, its support stereo audio playback, support MP3 and AAC as ringtone, can play AAC, MP3, have stereo FM tuner.. i think its only me who think Ngage is the best Symbian 6 phone.. symbian 6 and symbian 7 phone never support Stereo Audio playback, but NGAGE support it, its realy a good MUSIC PHONE (yes, Music Phone...) :D Ngage as gaming phone is a failure, realy failure.. nokia should release it as full-fledge Music Phone

81.2.2007 9:52

I personaly don't think it will be more of an opponent for the iphone...releasing it as a portable gameing device in a psp and ds dominated world, would be suicide. but lets not judge until it comes out

91.2.2007 14:59

I agree lets just wait till it comes out. Yes the first one was crap and all that but this one might not be, Im just sayint tho. ;)

102.2.2007 0:05

Yeah I didn't really like it either lol. I thought it was OK, but something I wouldn't buy.

112.2.2007 0:08

And I seem to remember that someone from the N-GAGE team said that "GameBoy's are for 10 year olds" or some crap like that. And from that moment on, it went from N-GAGE, to N-GAY.

122.2.2007 1:28

the quality of the games, or the capabilities of the ngage weren't that bad. much more powerful when released against the GBA (DS or PSP werent around yet) but the problem was that it didn't feel like a complete package. the ngage seemed like a half-arsed effort. i.e. poor battery life while playing a game, had to turn of the console, remove back cover + battery to change game (although was later fixed), the buttons sucked for games. and the worst design feature of the ngage must have been the way you had to hold it to make a call. Yikes that was terrible....

132.2.2007 10:01

why are they even bothering?

142.2.2007 13:22

Who knows, it may turn out to be a lot better. Let's just wait until it comes out.

154.2.2007 16:59

don't do it. save yourself the ebarrasment.

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