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Vista DRM broken?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 31 Jan 2007 15:33 User comments (17)

Vista DRM broken? We wrote an article lately on the criticism Microsoft has received for its Digital Rights Management (DRM) included in the Windows Vista operating system that intends to make life harder for pirates. Unfortunately, as DRM has shown us in the past, these kind of restrictions hurt honest consumers every single day too.
Alex Ionescu, has written on his blog that he has produced code that could be used to bypass Vista's DRM. He did not publish the code but he promised in a later post he will publish some form of "safe, generic, proof of concept code that targets what I believe is a flaw in the Code Integrity/Driver Signing model."

As for credibility, it helps to know that Alex is a Microsoft Student Ambassador. These students are described as "the most talented students from around the world for their dedication, passion and involvement with Microsoft." This is likely to only be the first attack on the operating system's unwanted extras as hackers will line-up and take the challenge.

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17 user comments

131.1.2007 15:43

good vista is garbage anyways

231.1.2007 17:06

Alex is a Microsoft Student Ambassador
haha hacked by one of their own :)

331.1.2007 17:13

hasta la vista, baby... :)

431.1.2007 18:07

good microsoft can kiss my ass and die in a gutter. they couldnt just be satisfied with being the number 1 operating system, no they want to lock out every possible option other than microsoft for anything that has to do with a computer... microsoft will be rememberd for its inovations and forward thinking as much as its greed and arogance.

531.1.2007 18:55

innovations and forward thinking?

631.1.2007 19:56

hey microsoft made some pretty cool stuff over the years, but the last time they made an original product that was relavent was probably in the 90's

71.2.2007 1:56

@georgeluv: Yep, you pegged it. It's Microsoft Booooooob Imagine Kaz Hirai talking about Ridge Racer but replace the words Ridge Racer with Microsoft Bob. OMG! They're both so revolutionary. Maybe if M$ wasn't always ripping off Apple & Linux for their user interfaces, they would design something that works and people would want to buy. Been there, bought the MAC, compiled the Linux kernel. Vista ain't nothing new that some other programmer already did a few years back. With Vista you do get the extra special DRM package at no cost. *sarcasm*

81.2.2007 7:26

georgeluv - Sorry but I can't think of a time they have come up with any original products. Everything they do is stolen from someone else or based on that or they buy the company that produces it, including their original GUI, I mean Xerox's. I just love that someone has already busted the greatly pompous MS's Vista. I thought it might take a year or two so this is wonderful. I don't agree that Vista is crap, however I don't think it is the end all either. This means I can purchase it now since I wouldn't until I have full control of my system. Also I can give the rep some crap as they have really road high on this overly anal security approach. Don't forget Linux is finally stepping up to the plate with all of the XGL distro's out there which is a big improvement for the Linux software and should possibly pose competition against the new MAC OS and Vista. Love to see it.

91.2.2007 14:47

hacked by a Miocrosoft student ambassador!! thats so ironic. I just love it.

104.2.2007 5:22

I know this does'nt belong here but just got to ask.Can U use mas os on a reg PC ? Or does it have to be a mac computer.I've heard that mac is superior in all video aspects,& mostly my PC is used for video.T V Recording,DVD to DivX,etc

114.2.2007 9:39


124.2.2007 20:30

I tought I would have to switch to linux if ever to buy a new computer, if this vista buster is not just a dream, I will be first in line to to honor it.

135.2.2007 14:58

@rick5446: yes you can use MAC OS-X on PC hardware, but it takes some doing. The new MACs use EFI which is some funky anti-(non-apple HW) way of booting the computer. [url=]OSx86pr0ject[/url]

146.2.2007 0:42

xhardc0re..Thanks,I appreciate your response.I think I'll give it a try

156.2.2007 0:44

xhardc0re ...Can't get to that address..says problem loading page

167.2.2007 4:58
177.2.2007 7:19

Many Thanks

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