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YouTube revenue sharing will not be an easy task

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 31 Jan 2007 15:23 User comments (6)

YouTube revenue sharing will not be an easy task Recently we reported that YouTube plans to share revenue from advertising between the site and the user who uploads video clips to the site. YouTube Chief Executive Chad Hurley told this to an audience at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. However, he did not give any specific details on how YouTube will pull this off, and many are left with questions and doubts.
YouTube is the largest video site online, but there are several others who already offer revenue sharing deals to lure users to post their own content. Some of these sites also focus more on video quality than YouTube. However, the thing that sets them apart from YouTube is the audience of 30 million that YouTube generates monthly.

So that brings up another question; how will YouTube differentiate between users uploading pirated content and those uploading their own works? Whether or not people uploading works subject to copyright will receive a share for advertising is yet unknown, but the outcome is easy to guess.

Will YouTube have to implement some form of tracking system for pirated content to make sure users do not benefit from somebody else's work? If so, that would be quite a large task. "I'm sure they are working on a plan but it's certainly not a trivial undertaking," said Allyson Campa, vice president of marketing for Metacafe, which shares advertising revenue with video creators. "The tricky thing is the rights issues."

YouTube is already working on "audio fingerprinting" technology to tackle piracy. Either way, with such an audience, and so much video content, it will be interesting to see just how much revenue YouTube generates for regular users.


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6 user comments

131.1.2007 18:00

there is a realy fucking obvious solution to this delema. two teirs of uploaders. those who choose to aply for revenue sharing and those that dont. the ones that dont can still upload just like they can now. the ones that want to apply for revenue sharing simply click that option when they upload wich puts them in line to be reviewd for possibly copywrite violations and the like. youtube still gets to keep its pirated material wich i would say generates 75% of their traffic, and those who want money will also have that option. youtube can make up some lie like they dont have the resources to filter everything, only the percentage that wants money. i should work for youtube....

231.1.2007 18:54

lol, and even then, they wouldn't have to review anything for copyright until they were going to pay out the money (eg, if you were getting paid per 10,000 views, they wouldn't vet your video until then). And then they could delay payment as long as they want saying "your payment will be cleared pending copyright checks..."

331.1.2007 20:01

i realy hope the consumer sees a war between video streaming sites for who pays the most. i hope the people that simply watch have the forsight to support the video site that pays its uploaders the most. i want to know what youtubes pay system is going to be sooooo bad!

41.2.2007 14:43

I wonder how much they will pay or if it goes by the views your video gets?

52.2.2007 11:28

the two sites im aware of that pay their uploaders at the moment are and revver pays 50% of all ad revenue from your videos, metacafe pays 5 dollars per 1,000 hits, paid after 25,000 hits ($100 payout minimum). im hoping youtube becomes more generous to keep customers, because the second they start paying it will wake everyone up and if they hear about being paid more on another site they will switch. web users are fickle. i think fair payment would be 10 dollars per 1,000 hits.

64.2.2007 7:27

So what happens when you, Jim, upload your own personally-generated non-copyrighted work & expect to get paid for it? Then I, Bob, come along, download & re-upload that work. Since you didn't legally copyright it, I have every right to copy it & re-upload it. So then I'm entitled to get paid for it, too.

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