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Viacom demands YouTube remove content

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 02 Feb 2007 18:15 User comments (7)

Viacom demands YouTube remove content Viacom Inc. which owns MTV Networks and BET, has demanded that YouTube removes all clips owned by the company since both sides failed to reach an agreement. All of Viacom's properties account for about 100,000 videos on Google's YouTube service, and the corporation wants it all removed. According to Viacom, an outside consultant studies YouTube and found that its programs on the site have generated "about 1.2 billion video streams."
YouTube faces some tough times in the coming years as it tries to reach agreements with content providers to allow content to remain on the site. It also plans to launch a feature to share advertising revenue between the site and video uploaders.


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7 user comments

12.2.2007 18:25

Free advertising. Get over it.

I would kill to get that many people to watch my music.

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22.2.2007 18:34

Some network execs are crying over their spilt milk right now because they did not come up with the idea of youtube. Wait a sec news flash....... Could it be it's so popular because it's also free?! Things that make you go Hmmmmmmm.

32.2.2007 21:38

Oh geez Viacom is definitely TEH SUCK! They didn't get as much $$$ as they wanted, so they demand DMCA Takedown. Fine. When GooTube becomes a major site for entertainment, i won't ****ing bother going to Viacom's site. Come to think of it, I don't watch MTV & what's the last decent movie they've made in the past 5 years? They need to STFU & stick to producing good content. Fox & the other media companies will reach agreements & leave Viacom in the dust.

43.2.2007 5:35

"limelight Free advertising. Get over it. " Free advertising is not free,the gray death(suits) make money off their lil deals with each other and any free Free advertising makes them lose money they have not yet gotten,like the "losses" over a downloaded song.

53.2.2007 6:41

viacom is making a mistake. other comoanies will make the deals and they will be left out.

63.2.2007 14:33

I'd rather watch something like this than what Viacom puts on MTV. As for people watching videos & not buying them, well if the content is good then honest people will buy. Are they going to shut down the entire Internet to stampede every file sharer offline?
If that's the case, I will never watch or talk about another Hollywood movie or show ever again. If my gf asks me to go to the movies i'll say "No. Because they shut down the Internet to get rid of all the file sharers. Let's go to a restaurant & screw Viacom!

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720.2.2007 21:25

>.< I think that Viacom is run by a bunch of greedy fools who cannot think of anything better to do than sit on their lard and gain riches.

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