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HMV exploits PS3 demand in UK

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 02 Feb 2007 18:08 User comments (7)

HMV exploits PS3 demand in UK HMV's online store in the UK is taking pre-orders for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) console, but one condition will probably cause outrage amongst those looking to get a PS3 at launch. You "can" pre-order a PS3 - but only one bundled with a Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP), bringing the total cost of the bundle to a whopping 675 (1024 or $1327). The bundle also includes Gangs of London and Killzone Liberation.
"At, we've been working with Sony to offer up to 5000 customers an incredible deal when you buy the new Sony 4GB PSP." an email sent out to customers reads. "Anyone who takes advantage of this offer will get priority over other customers for the PlayStation 3."

However, there are no "other customers" as he email also states, "PlayStation 3 solus console is currently unavailable to order from by itself, and we kindly ask customers not to contact us with regards to this." Additionally, if you are going to go for this "deal", there are no assurances you will actually receive a PS3 at launch.

"Delivery of any PS3 is subject to Sony's delivery to HMV Guernsey. Accordingly, HMV cannot guarantee that registration on the Priority List means that you will receive your PS3 on the estimated release date, nor that your order will be fulfilled within any given time frame." the email reads.


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7 user comments

12.2.2007 20:27

LOL so basically saying Hey punters! Give us more money for crap you don't want and you will get exactly what you paid for in a time frame of our choosing... wonder how many people will fall for this scam?

22.2.2007 21:46

I agree sounds like a scam. With Lik-sang out of the picture many companies are taking advantage of their customers to royally scr*w them over so to speak. Just wait it out & you won't have to buy these silly bundles or games you do not like. But there is always Ebay of course :(

33.2.2007 2:19

See its idiots like this thats giving Sony bad press.Now thats forceing someone to buy something.That online store should be boycotted.I hope every damm PS3 they have sit there and never sale price is already a issue with this system and you spitting in people face telling them its a deal.

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43.2.2007 5:32

BobbyBlu .....after all the BS Sony has said from people on their payroll you got the balls to say that? If Sony wouldn't have baned the sale of PS3s to the UK this would not have happened.

53.2.2007 6:26

It's idiots that though we would stand for double the price in Europe and very late at that that gave this thing a bad name long ago. 425 was a laughable p*ss-take already (destined to not sell after the very short fanboy rush get bilked) but looking for almost 700 to clear out their stocks of the almost dead PSP too!? Those guys, very very funny. Watch them stay bolted to the shelves.....just like everywhere else. No wonder there's talk of a price cut (before it's even launched - just like Japan?). What are the bets it's from 425 down to 399 (in 6 months in time for X-mas)? .....and that they still don't budge and it makes no difference?

63.2.2007 6:38

thats funny.Buy the PSP and get the chance to get a PS3 and you will get the PS3 sometime when we see fit. Thank you for your purchase and please come again.

74.2.2007 0:41

HMV have sent me an offer(see below for further details) on how I can reserve a brand new Sony Playstation 3. Great news! at long last I hear you say! But there is a catch.... In order for me to be eligible to reserve a PS3(costing 425), I have to first shell out 250 and buy a Sony PSP. I contacted HMV Customer Services and explained my annoyance at being offered the product that I had registered my interest for, but only if I spend money with them first on something, which in fact, I bought through HMV a year ago. HMV explained that it is Sony that have bundled the package together and that was the only way I could initially be one of the first to acquire a PS3. So, I then contacted Sony PSP customer care and explained the offer which they categorically and emphatically denied them having any involvement in the bundling of any of their products. They said, they distribute to a supplier, the supplier then distributes to the retailer and the retailers offer their own packages. Ie this is not a Sony directive. In conclusion, HMV are as bad as the touts who buy the consoles and then sell them at over inflated prices. The only difference being, instead of selling the products at over inflated prices, HMV take advantage of consumer demand by forcing you to buy other unrelated Sony products and ulimately improve HMV's sales figures. A retail rip off if ever I saw one! Thanks for reading Disgruntled HMV customer, PSP owner. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Games [] Sent: Fri 02/02/2007 2:04 PM To: Flinty88 Subject: Secure your PlayStation 3 order at Having trouble seeing this email? Please click here Love reading this email? Send it to a friend Dear Flinty88, Want to be one of the lucky few to own a PlayStation 3 when it's launched? At, we've been working with Sony to offer up to 5,000 customers an incredible deal when you buy the new Sony 4GB PSP. Anyone who takes advantage of this offer will get priority over other customers for the PlayStation 3 AND two great free games for the PSP - Killzone Liberation and Gangs of London. Your PSP console and games will be dispatched from our warehouse as soon as we receive your order. We will ship your PlayStation 3 to you from our warehouse as soon as we receive consoles from Sony in accordance with our terms. PLEASE NOTE you will only be charged for the PlayStation 3 up to FIVE DAYS BEFORE dispatch of your console to you. To take advantage of this offer Click Here This is a limited offer. Please see our T's and C's Click Here for full details. Please note that PlayStation 3 solus console is currently unavailable to order from by itself, and we kindly ask customers not to contact us with regards to this. Sony PlayStation 3 & PSP 4GB Bundle Price: 674.99 Copyright HMV Guernsey Limited 2007 Disclaimer: All prices on are online only and may differ from HMV Stores. Prices and titles correct at the time of sending e-mail & are subject to availability. Copyright 2007 HMV Guernsey Limited. All rights reserved. Registered Office Address: Ogier House, St Julian's Avenue, St Peter Port, GY1 1WA. Registered in Guernsey, Registered No: 43285. You are receiving this Email because you have chosen to receive our newsletters. If you wish to unsubscribe to this newsletter please simply return to, login, uncheck the newsletter tick boxes and send the updated details to us. To view full terms and conditions please Click Here >>>

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