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Porn company protects name of Blu-ray partner

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 03 Feb 2007 18:51 User comments (16)

Porn company protects name of Blu-ray partner Vivid Entertainment will not name the company it is partnered with to produce porn titles on Blu-ray. There are 8 companies worldwide that replicate Blu-ray discs, two controlled by Sony which has already stated it will not work with the adult entertainment industry. Five more of the companies have contracts to produce for Disney, and such are not able to work closely with any porn company.
This only leaves one more and Vivid co-chairman, Steven Hirsch, said the company will not name the partner and give rivals easy access to a company that was hard to find. Vivid is the only company in the adult industry that is actually going to use Blu-ray Disc, with everyone else opting to use the HD DVD format instead.

Vivid will release several titles on Blu-ray and monitor the sales, specifically against sales of porn in the HD DVD format. If sales are not strong enough, the company may abandon the format due to its high costs. "Blu-ray is extremely expensive to work with," said Hirsch. Authoring in Blu-ray is four times more expensive than HD DVD and three times more expensive than replicating HD DVD.

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16 user comments

13.2.2007 19:48

p0rn+ps3 play with both your joysticks

23.2.2007 20:37

if i posted that comment i'd be going straight to Hell but... in the past few weeks i've been seeing a lot of news stories with Blu-ray and pr0n in them. Searching Google on those two terms gives over 1 million hits. Could this be a conspiracy by $ony to speed adoption of the new standard??? :) Only time will tell

33.2.2007 20:38

LaserDisc, Closed Format - DEAD Betamax, Closed Format - DEAD BluRay, Closed Format - DEAD

43.2.2007 20:51

I'm dying to hear which company is #8 on that list. If not $ony (2 companies) or Disney-related (5 companies) then it must be company #8. Is my thinking flawed or could it be........i'll let you Google it for yourself ;)

53.2.2007 21:22

here is an interesting video on HD


63.2.2007 21:24

at least the future of porn is secure. that's all that matters to me. >.>

73.2.2007 22:06


84.2.2007 0:50

well to tell u the truth blu ray for the past months i;ve seen alot of ppl sayin they have problems with the format but i'm going for hd-dvd's not blu ray but blu ray is gonna be pushed on us either way so oh well.....

94.2.2007 1:45

Steve Hirsch is the next Kaz Hirai

Riiiiiiiidge Raaacer

Jennnnaaaaa Jammmmeesooooooon


104.2.2007 3:37

70" HD TV's with H-Def Porn fed from Blue-Ray. Now that sounds like a TV has finally found it's purpose in life! Beats watching EastEnders!!!

114.2.2007 14:57

p0rn+ps3 play with both your joysticks
LOL!!! Intresting article. I say leavr them alone and let them get down to busines ;)

124.2.2007 15:30

Is someone trying to say PS3's are for w*nkers?! 8O

134.2.2007 18:37

Sony should welcome the porn industry with open arms in their struggle with HD DVD . As the adult entertainment industry was largly the deciding factor in the Beta vs.VHS format war. Ah yes if you dont learn from your old mistakes how prone you are to repeat them!!

145.2.2007 7:06

bottom line is the formate that embrase the porn industry is the company that wins porn is a multi billion dollar a year industry and cannot be ignored

155.2.2007 8:04

Porn is going to decide the winner in war? ewww why is this Hddvd so sticky?? :P

1610.2.2007 5:37

People are dumbasses, the PORN industry is why we do not have a betamax (superior video quality over VHS) they went VHS because it WAS CHEAPER! Now Sony is shooting the whole industry in the foot again. FU SONY! I would NEVER BUY ANOTHER SONY PRODUCT EVER SINCE THE ROOTKIT FIASCO! FU SONY! Yes PORN is so bad that's why it makes BILLIONS every year! PA LEASE!

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