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Nintendo denies failing to deliver Wii units

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 05 Feb 2007 8:13 User comments (14)

Nintendo denies failing to deliver Wii units Nintendo has denied claims made by Virgin Megastores representatives that the company failed to deliver the promised number of Wii units for launch back on December 8th. The claims started when Virgin representatives said they were keen to avoid a repeat of the "Nintendo Wii problems" during the upcoming PlayStation 3 launch in Europe.
"It's because there was an issue with the Wii. Some stores didn't get the allocation they were promised until the next day after launch," one representative said. Another said: "The full amount of stock we were promised never turned up," but Nintendo was quick to respond by denying the claims to

"All UK retailers were notified of their initial day one Wii allocations in October 2006, some six to eight weeks before launch. Nintendo delivered exactly what we said we would to retailers for day one and in many instances over delivered against the initial numbers retailers were expecting." a spokesperson said.

The spokesperson also added: "Nintendo made multiple and regular deliveries to retailers across the UK in the days following launch to try and meet the huge demand for Wii as much as possible."


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14 user comments

15.2.2007 9:08

FINALLY! some bad rep for the Wii, everyone's been so busy on the ps3, I thought I'd never see ANYTHING bad about the wii.

25.2.2007 9:35

there was tons of bad rep for the wii.. people threw wii remotes into their television sets.. causing breaking, pixel damage, and destroying television sets... bad cases of carpel tunnel.. lol =]

35.2.2007 10:59

This isn't Bad for the Wii, Nintendo just had to come out officially against the remarks made by a rival competitor. Sony is just swinging blindly trying to make the other systems look as bad as the PS3. Like I said, if Nintendo didn't ship enough, then why did they out sell the PS3?? Swing and a miss by Sony if you ask me.

45.2.2007 11:11

@Edgewise, lxfactor is correct. There has been a lot of bad rep for the Wii. Didn't you read about the change from 0.24mm thick straps to 0.4mm straps? It was done to avoid lawsuits from stupid people who claim their wrist straps broke, some of the people who made these claims later admitted it didn't break, they just didn't properly attach the straps to the "Wiimote". This, is actually bad news for the rival consoles. If this is true and Nintendo didn't deliver the amount of consoles they said they would, imagine the sales if they did deliver all the consoles they promised.

55.2.2007 11:22

yeah but I got the money for christmas but I still cant find a Wii so NINtendo WHATS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

65.2.2007 11:31

this is actually good publicity. It means the demand for the Wii is great. And yet again some ppl want to make this about sony Vs the world. @prutsos have you tried Ebay??

75.2.2007 11:34

Yes I agree, how is this bad publicity for the Wii???? Nintendo cant meet thier supply and demand? OH NO!!! For all you PS3 fanboys, go buy a ps3 thats sitting on the shelf at walmart thats collecting dust. Now THATS bad publicity.

85.2.2007 13:32

it never fails these companies launch these new xmas time and never have enough to go around.we should be used to it by now.

95.2.2007 14:15

I think Nintendo did a pretty damn good job. They have sold over 4.4 million units according to Thats 3 million more than Sony. So it has been hard for some people to get one. I got mine a week after launch. Waited in line at Best Buy for 2 hours and they got 63 systems that day. Not too shabby in my book. Most other retailers say they got what Nintendo said they would and in some cases more. So If Virgin Mega Stores was promised 50 units per store at launch (for example) and only got 40 then boo friggin hoo.

105.2.2007 14:17

they deliberately under supply, particularly at christmas, it may seem strange but look at all the hype ,hysteria and publicity that the launch event generates as everyone tries to get their paws on the limited precious cargo. if they let supply meet the demand and everyone calmly walked in to the shops and got one, there wouldn't be as many stories of fighting and scrambles and people telling their friends how they were one of the lucky ones to get a console. nor would we see all the tv reports covering the events. they had more than enough time to ship as many as needed, if they didn't, there's a reason for it and it will continue with PS3. no console manufacturer wants to read reports of their console being readily available on the shelves during the first month of release, theyw ant it to be selling like hot cakes and have people scrambling around looking for it to gain maximum publicity and make those who are undecided believe it is really worth getting.

115.2.2007 20:40

I still can't find black ds lite. Why can't they have any of there system in stock?

126.2.2007 5:09

yes but you have to consider it's not nintendos faut stores are selling out of nintendo wiis when they get there shipments in and its not there fault thy couldn't reach the huge enormis 600.000 units that virgin mega store wants

136.2.2007 8:55

WHy not just be truthful,OMG we are selling out like mad we can barely keep up!we thought the WII would be another GC 0-o


146.2.2007 13:54

I'm sorry but I have a hard time believeing that a corporation like Nintendo would not ship the amount they promissed, especially on opening day??? Please garrented sales?? Sounds fishy to me. I do believe that Nintendo didn't expect the wii to be so popular though. Heck the last nintendo I bought was SNES. But, the Wii I might actually go get.
Of course though it's for my daughter. ;)

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