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Industry group predicts LCD growth

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 07 Feb 2007 7:43 User comments (7)

Industry group predicts LCD growth Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) has predicted a sharp rise in demand for liquid-crystal display (LCD) televisions in the coming years. The group expects LCD to outpace demand for Plasma displays, with an average 23.4% annual growth for the next five years. In 2006, 37.1 million LCD units were shipped.
JEITA expects that by 2011, it will have grown to 106.2 million units. It would then account for 53% of all color TV demand in that year. As for Plasma, JEITA expects an average 18.6% rise in demand annually over the next five years. This would bring plasma to 22.8 million units by 2011.

Sony Corp. and Sharp Corp. have boosted their presence in the market for 40-inch+ TVs with LCD displays, a market that was once dominated by Plasma.


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7 user comments

17.2.2007 10:06

I could have predicted the same thing LCDs are cheap (brought a 32in for 600 bones) and have great picture.

27.2.2007 11:24

yea lcd's are cheaper great picture and also great for gaming no burn ins.....cant pass it up

38.2.2007 0:47

Yeah they are nice sets but what about this laser type tv i have read about, I forget what they call it. I can't quite remember where i read it but something along the lines of next year it may be put on sale to the public. From what i remember it's less expensive, like under $1k for a 50 inch tv, and has better pic quality than a plasma. It supposedly better in well lit rooms than plasma or an LCD. Anyone read or heard anything about this?

48.2.2007 2:01

Afterdawn reported on that laser TV you're talking about, so you probably read it here. I haven't heard anything about it since then though.

58.2.2007 8:13

Yeah, I like LCD's as well. they look nice, clear up space, and seem to be less stressful on the eyes for a prolonged time. Not to mention that they waste less energy than CRT does, so it saves on energy bills.

610.2.2007 10:39

This is due to the fact that LCD's lifespan is longer and its more durable than plasma. Because with plasma you have a limit of how many hours you can watch it and also the other thing that i can't remember at the moment but yes plasma is not the way to go.

710.2.2007 10:42

Yeah some australian compagnie is developing a laser tv, a prototype is apparently been made by Mitsubishi. I woul wait to see what come out, because as posted it could be way cheaper than the type of tv's on the market now.

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