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NBC Universal CEO lashes out at YouTube

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 08 Feb 2007 10:33 User comments (6)

NBC Universal CEO lashes out at YouTube NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker wasted no time on commenting about YouTube's failure to implement copyright protection technology after replacing Robert Wright. "YouTube needs to prove that it will implement its filtering technology across its online platform. It's proven it can do it when it wants to...They have the capability. The question is whether they have the will." he said.
YouTube and NBCU reached an agreement last year to allow selected content from NBC to appear on the YouTube site, but NBCU also had said it will hold YouTube to its promise to implement copyright controls. Last September, YouTube had agreed to meet NBCU's requests within a matter of months.

"By the end of the year," a company statement read at the time, "professional content creators, including record labels, TV networks and movie studios, will have the opportunity to authorize the use of their content within the YouTube community by taking advantage of YouTube's new tools and architecture. YouTube has been actively working on the operational details and building the infrastructure for this innovative new framework."

There has been speculation that Zucker's company may be planning to create its own YouTube-like service. NBC was among a group including Viacom, CBS, and Fox Interactive that planned a YouTube rival, but talks apparently were broken off before they even started.


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6 user comments

19.2.2007 5:02

this is all so stupid. Some 18 year old in Georgia tivo's The Colbert Show. A cable service he is paying for, and a tivo service he's paying for. He likes a clip of it,so decides to put it up on youtube, with an internet service that he is paying for. A 2 min. segment of the show is now on youtube in not the greatest quality for BILLIONS AROUND THE WORLD to watch and in turn the 18 year old is promoting the show for FREE. Yes, I do agree that uploading a whole show is wrong, but just a clip can't hurt anyone. Youtube is our generation's library of the weird, funny, and stupid. These huge companies are just upset b/c they're pockets aren't being stuffed with youtube cash.

29.2.2007 18:45 know what, Zucker? You're finished. Your whole corrupt, greedy Hollywood junta is getting what it deserves. Know why? You've alienated your customers. Not just a little this time. Permanently. You've left no room for the fan base that supports your lame, mediocre and unimaginative crap. Congratulations, you empty suit tool.

39.2.2007 21:59

That's funny right there!

410.2.2007 10:02

Don't they get it? The more times "their" clips are posted on various sited, it's FREE advertising for them. Only an idiot would want to shut down the postings.

510.2.2007 14:38

they dislike free advertising they are not making money off it.

611.2.2007 10:52

This is jusy crap. Due to the fact that Youtube has a strong market share now everyone wants a piece of the action.

NBCU should be greatful that youtube has clips from them because the more views they get on those clips can mean more people will actually tune into the TV show.

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