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Vodafone brings YouTube to mobile users

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 09 Feb 2007 10:10 User comments (8)

Vodafone brings YouTube to mobile users After already striking deals to give users access to social networking site MySpace and eBay, Vodafone is now set to offer YouTube services to its customers. Customers will now be able to view and add videos through Vodafone's mobile service. The service will be available to UK users first before eventually spreading to other countries.
By adding services like this, Vodafone, Europe's largest mobile phone company, can significantly boost revenues. Since all the videos on YouTube are of fairly low quality, video recordings from mobile phones fit the service just right. It's a good move from Vodafone in attempt to bridge the gap.

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8 user comments

19.2.2007 10:38

not impressed, the envy from verizon in america alread lets you watch youtube.

29.2.2007 12:38

watching is different from being able to post them though

39.2.2007 18:58

ya it could be cool to post your mobile videos directly to youtube.

410.2.2007 2:51

Oh NO! youtube needs more vids from people with video camera's, there are already loads with kids waving their phone about and laughing about nothing in particular.

510.2.2007 5:02

well thats great cause now we can watch moves from our mobile phone well thanks for the co-operation between vodafone and youtube!

611.2.2007 19:02

i think there is a way to automate your youtube account to accept video messages from phones and convert and post them instantly, no?

711.2.2007 23:45

I am a vodfone customer and am not really fussed about this i like youtube and have only recently being visited there. But i just use my vodafone for calls and the most hi tech i get is to transfer media files across to my computer using usb.

818.2.2007 7:18

Dude... I've been doing this for a month? or so?

Nokia N73
(or any slightly better phone)

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it lets you upload to flickr,youtube. It saves your contacts in a free backup.

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