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Warner rejects Apple's DRM proposal

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 09 Feb 2007 10:20 User comments (19)

Warner rejects Apple's DRM proposal Warner Music has rejected a suggestion from Apple Computer Inc. CEO Steve Jobs, asking all recording companies to consider dropping the requirement for Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection on music downloads. Warner boss Edgar Bronfman said the proposal was "without logic and merit". Jobs' letter had highlighted an undeniable fact; DRM is not stopping or limiting piracy.
DRM puts several restrictions on users, including the maximum amount of time that songs can be burned to CD. However, it also has the undesirable effect of making interoperability impossible - that is, songs purchased from stores only work on a limited number of music players that support the DRM system.

Jobs insisted that if record companies would allow it, the company would remove DRM from iTunes downloads. "This is clearly the best alternative for consumers, and Apple would embrace it in a heartbeat." Jobs said. Warner Music is the world's fourth largest record company.

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19 user comments

19.2.2007 10:52

all DRM does is stear the smart people away from itunes. you know, the smart people that make the most money and have the highest amount of expendable income, you fucking retards!

29.2.2007 12:54

you sure about that? i mean, people like aus are pretty smart, and he doesn't exactly have a high disposable income, cos hes a student at mizzou... im not saying that people who go to mizzou are poor XD

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39.2.2007 14:08

The lates issue of PCWorld informs the common folk how to rid the DRM. So with that more individuals will go for the download and say screw the crappy cd's.

49.2.2007 14:50

Then I reject Warner. All they have is rap crap, anyway.
Rap is the new disco, and it's dead.

59.2.2007 16:08

The lates issue of PCWorld informs the common folk how to rid the DRM
I don't mind the DRM now that I know how to get the un-DRM'd version :D

Lets just let the record companies think the DRM is working. We all know they could think of something more burning to CDs :( because you know they'd do it in a heartbeat.

610.2.2007 1:22

you could get around that easily... open the song in something like virtual dj, then play it on one deck and record on the other. and now you have a nice DRM free version.

710.2.2007 1:38

You always have to ask yourself why. We know it don't work, they know it don't work so why keep trying. There are enough very smart people here on AD along with 10,000 + other forum rooms. If they will just let these old concepts go they might actually see some money that now goes up in smoke. Again it only takes one. They have big bucks, we have big numbers and a bunch of very smart people hell bent on winning no matter what comes along. Some live for this stuff. Tell them they can't do it and thats like pushing the gas peddle to the floor for them. They take their work very personal and when one of them says "Oh that latest sony protection has been removed" they worship telling about it. They are a very exclusive club and very smart. My congrats to the smart people of DRM killing.
They deserve our respect!

810.2.2007 8:49

This stupid protection game has been going on since home computers first appeared in the early eighties. The games for my Commodore were encrypted for about 10 seconds when they were unencrypted. I had a word processor called "Paper Clip" that required a special plug be inserted into the game port before it would work, I obtained a copy that ran without that. The bottom line is for every lock there is a key and some locksmith (hacker) will make that key. Protected DVD's and music are costing the producers money not making it.


910.2.2007 17:54

geaorgeluv whenever you post, it's a good one, but that was a winner.
well said sir.

1010.2.2007 18:02

this headline should be: "consumers reject Warners request to stop pirating music"

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1111.2.2007 1:03

Steve Jobs is my new hero. Way to go Steve!! :)

1211.2.2007 1:12

About Edgar Bronfman and his rejection you could ask who is this man?
Well Wikipedia says:

"Edgar Miles Bronfman, Jr. (born May 16, 1955), formerly CEO of Seagram and Vivendi Universal, has been CEO of Warner Music since 2004. He is the son of Edgar Miles Bronfman and the grandson of Samuel Bronfman, one of the most wealthy and influential Jewish families in Canada.
The Bronfman family gained its fortunes through the Seagram Company, an alcohol distilling company, but Edgar Jr. ("Efer" to friends) has gained his reputation by expanding and later divesting ownership of the Seagram company, as well as for pursuing more creative activities as a Broadway and film producer and songwriter."

Quote: "one of the most wealthy and influential Jewish families in Canada."

And now we can add:
Ruling the world!


1311.2.2007 21:15

everyone interested in apple vs. DRM should read this

1411.2.2007 23:49

Of course Warner would reject that. They love that crap.

1512.2.2007 8:11

Lets try to get real here NO ONE will go for the NO DRM theory, Jobbs is only saying this to generate enthusiasm for his products, a very good marketing ploy for the average Joe. This is what has made him so wealthy not the fact that he is providing a better product at a better price, he is not doing that.

I would like to agree with georgeluv but my experience is that unfortunately smart people do buy dumb things, like downloading music. This is due to many different aspects and can't be nailed down to just one thing, like intelligence or simply just being an idiot.

1612.2.2007 10:36

no way any Record company will go for this. Its a shame too, I might actually BUY some music.

1713.2.2007 12:17

Originally posted by xhardc0re:
Steve Jobs is my new hero. Way to go Steve!! :)
Steve J. is a cool dude I like his strategies. DRM is gay and it just wont work why the flip the companies try?

1813.2.2007 15:11

DRM stupidity.
Microsoft held their wmv7 film format proprietary and protected. When a hacker got it it was converted to DivX and an industry came out of it.
Now they do the same thing with a wmv9 HD film i just bought. I cannot play it on my wmv-HD-DVD-player becourse it is DRM -protected!
It will only play on a PC (not MAC) in Windows Mediaplayers rights management.
Their format allows a 2 hour HD film on a DL ordinary DVD!!
They let it slip away like they lost the revenue of wmv7!
DRM is so stupid. So are their dictators.


1914.2.2007 16:04

I agree with Mr-Movies that Job's is just saying it for popularity's sake. It's really just shock-value as far as I'm concerned. He's done it with about every creation from Apple, so it's no surprise that he would say that type of thing here.

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