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Lions Gate adds movies to iTunes

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 12 Feb 2007 9:35 User comments (8)

Lions Gate adds movies to iTunes Lions Gate Entertainment has become the latest movie studio to partner with Apple Computer Inc. for movie downloads. The studio will add a portion of its movie catalog to the iTunes download store over the coming weeks. About 400 titles of the studio's 10,000+ library is expected to be available. The downloads will cost about $10 each. Both companies announced the deal on Monday.
Among the movies set to be available are Dirty Dancing, Chaplin, Rambo & Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Apple is slowly adding more studio support for its iTunes platform, that has already sold in excess of 2 billion songs since it launched in 2003. Its movie and TV show downloading service is reportedly strong, especially over the holiday period.

With giants like Wal-Mart offering movie downloads, dominating the online market will not be as easy for Apple as it was with music. Consumers also generally prefer to watch their movies on a proper television, making the iPod+iTunes tie much less effective with video content.


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8 user comments

112.2.2007 11:46

10 bucks is 9 bucks too high. everyone should adopt my vow to never pay for music or movies until songs are a penny and movies are a dollar and both are DRM-free. thats whats fair.

212.2.2007 12:13

too bad that movies from itunes are as tiny as the screen, so it doesnt sound like such a great way to get video, id rather prefer full screen videos

312.2.2007 13:20

good point i forgot about that. they charge MORE for songs from itunes than they do if you were to buy the actualy cd and they charge 10 bucks for a DRM-ridden postage stam size copy of a movie, and then they wonder why so many people pirate stuff. a dollar a movie (in hd, not ipod) and a penny a song is what i will pay to never have to worry about warez again.

412.2.2007 17:27

A penny per song and a dollar per movie?? Get real.

512.2.2007 18:50

For ten dollars a movie i rather go out and buy it for that much on DVD. I think ill give a miss to buying movies off downloads cause with DVD's you get special features and through a download you only get the movie id i am right.

612.2.2007 19:03

Originally posted by m3_chris:
A penny per song and a dollar per movie?? Get real.

Mabye you should get real. You think ten dollars is a deal? Think again.

713.2.2007 12:28

That is why we have wonderful sites like this. So we can rip DVD's to .mp4's and CD's to .mp3's. That way we don't spend squat.

816.2.2007 7:36

netflix is the way to to go

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