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PowerDVD users complain about HD issues

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 12 Feb 2007 8:39 User comments (20)

PowerDVD users complain about HD issues Users of Cyberlink's PowerDVD Ultra software are complaining about several problems occurring while trying to playback high definition video from either format on their PCs. PowerDVD Ultra supports both Blu-Ray and HD DVD movies (even includes support for Microsoft's Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on drive) making it an ideal and attractive solution to those interested in HD video.
However, complaints about the software seem to be gathering on Cyberlink's forums since a matter of days after the software's release. Some users are getting very impatient waiting for assistance from Cyberlink, or a fix that will make this $100 piece of software work properly. Some have already run out of patience and filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau....

Complaint Description:
Cyberlink is selling software that is said to be able to play HD-DVD / Blu-Ray DVD's on your PC should your PC meet their requirments. Many people are buying this software after being told their PC/Hardware was in compliance and it still doesn't work. If you Google: Error 0103, you'll see the problem that people are having. They have only a pay support phone line, all their other phone numbers are disconnected or on an answering machine. I have filed complaints online with their "support options" and received no replies. I have posted messages on their online message board and there are a lot of others with my same problem. What's worse is that there is no communication from the company even from their own website. I want a refund for the software but they're simply ignoring everyone while continuing to take orders for software that doesn't work like they're advertising.
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20 user comments

112.2.2007 8:47

no complaint's from me, I Surpass requirements, maybe they should look at their hardware, works fine for me in all formats

212.2.2007 8:54

i hate the new powerdvd. it wont even play dvd's that are on my hard drive. It wont open up an ifo file like the older version used to and play them as a normal dvd. It is supposed to but it doesnt work.

312.2.2007 10:46

how many ppl are having this issue??

412.2.2007 11:51

More than a few.

512.2.2007 18:18

My thing would be wouldn't you wait till the software gets passed the initial stages first and then when it works regularly then go and get it.

612.2.2007 19:45

are you using vista

if so this would explain a lot if not then theres nothing i can do

i installed this for my xbox 360 HD DVD drive with no issues what so ever in windows vista but when i try it on windows xp i get error codes that i dont even understand

this is why i went to windvd because not only is the dvd playback in the 360 made by windvd but microsoft hired them because of there great software kinda gets you thinking if you have any special edition version's of lord of the rings powerdvd just crashes or wont even read the disk where windvd works without any issues

712.2.2007 22:08

i was having no issues with my power dvd until after i installed windows media player 11, after that i was locked out of music folders, folders became none responsive dvd's failed to play and hung for ages. i then tried to roll back to previous ver of media player in add remove, it stated it had been done and needed to be rebooted. restarted pc and then tried to remove the win media player 11 java but it stated there was programme on my pc that needed it(win media player 11). did format of pc did not install win media 11 now all is fine and working again!

812.2.2007 22:30

it also deleted all my previous system restore points and only left me with 1 useless point after the install also windows firewall kept activating itself.

913.2.2007 3:27

I think they didn't beta test this enough,oh well now and then software gets screwed up and they have to release a working patch for it.

this is a annoyance they will fix I hope.

1013.2.2007 9:17

A little off topic regarding HD DVD and Blu-ray.
I recently purchased the latest lite-on dvd writer which came bundled
with PowerDVD 6 and it wont play any of my films-either from my HD or
DVD disc.
VLC plays everything just fine.
I've emailed cyberlink (6 days ago) but still waiting a reply.
So much for customer service!!!

1113.2.2007 9:48


VLC is as unstable for most to meh I caulk it up to new media and such

1214.2.2007 6:18

This is why you dont play for Video playback software. Download it!

1314.2.2007 7:01

meh the better pay for software is easier to use but like anything else its imperfect I dislike VLC it has a clunky GUI cant save settings and subtitles are horrid looking MPC is better but has its own nuances that can make it a pain.

1415.2.2007 5:44

Originally posted by advent:
A little off topic regarding HD DVD and Blu-ray.
I recently purchased the latest lite-on dvd writer which came bundled
with PowerDVD 6 and it wont play any of my films-either from my HD or
DVD disc.
VLC plays everything just fine.
I've emailed cyberlink (6 days ago) but still waiting a reply.
So much for customer service!!!
i dont believe that power dvd 6 was compatible with HD-DVD, Blu-ray, you need pDvD ver 7.2

1516.2.2007 5:32

Correct powerDVD 6 is unable to play HD Video, however 7 Beta Did although didnt play all HD content properly, then then removed support from 7 until the BD - HD version came out which is 7.2

Its worth noting the following will give issues with powerDVD 7.2 where as nearly worked properly in 7 normal.

If ur using multiple monitors, it freaks playing HD however if ur on the same GPU using multi output or 2 cards the same, maybe xfire or sli it appears to work ok with hd, well does in vista, but i did find aload of people compaining that it caused problems. Use something like ultamon 2 create a special powerdvd icon for playing hd and set ultra mon to disable the additional displays on program launch and return on exit.

Secondly if u have either, nvidia dvd codecs or FFDShow or some codec pack thats installed the FFDShow HD playback codecs ur gona get issues, best thing to do is to get DirectShow filter manager off google and rip out everything you dont need in the way of hd codecs.

And can confirm it wont launch ifo files anymore but u can goto load media on drive option and still play it :)

Hope that throws light on somepeoples probs ;-)

1616.2.2007 10:54

Haha! I downloaded a torrent of PowerDVD Ultra HD edition... glad I discovered that this piece of crap program didn't work BEFORE being duped into paying $100 for it!

+1 for file sharing.

1723.11.2007 18:23

is there any softy that can play the hd content from the harddrive
i back up my kingkong just to see

vlc player doesn't play
powerdvd ultra is not playing
but it is playing from the drive good
anyhelp will be appreciated
or is there any other softy that plays my backup hd kingkong

1812.1.2008 12:16

Re-install version 6.6. The first time you use it, you will get a popup telling you you must upgrade. Ignore the warning and go to configuration. In configuration, go to player tab and deselect "automatically connect internet for software update. That's it!

1917.5.2008 19:27

All those excuses about hardware/drivers ... are nothing more than excuses. My Cyberlink PowerDVD 7.3 Ultra does play everything but those newer Blu-ray disks that are in BD+ format. It just hangs on them. Cyberlink tech support are saying I should update my drivers, because they were released about a year ago, but they are still current and recommended by nVidia for my videocard. But they are just lying, looking for an excuse to stall the support case. If there was an opportunity for me, an Australian, to join that lawsuite, I'd do it without hesitation.

2017.5.2008 20:19

maybe you should have a look at just bypassing the bd+ ;)

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