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Two million messages in AfterDawn forums

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 13 Feb 2007 1:38 User comments (26)

Two million messages in AfterDawn forums has reached yet another milestone today. A couple of minutes ago the 2,000,000th message was posted on our discussion forums. The forums were opened in late March 2001 and it took about four and a half years to reach the 1,000,000 post milestone -- the next million was reached in mere 15 months. currently has about 620,000 registered members. Since we launched our site back in 1999 we have served over 75,000,000 software downloads and and almost 6,000,000 legal MP3 downloads through our sister site

Thanks go out to all our loyal visitors!

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26 user comments

113.2.2007 4:40

Cograts Afterdawn... thanks for been there for us!!!!

213.2.2007 4:49

Top site, the guides are 2nd to none and such a valuable resource.

313.2.2007 5:00

the best site on the net ^0^

413.2.2007 5:18 1 in two million nothing like it on the web

513.2.2007 5:25


613.2.2007 5:32

who posted it?

713.2.2007 7:43

best site on the web for video ecoding and authoring information, not too shaby on game systems, p2p, sat feeds, and other stuff two. i guess the only other sites that come close are and

813.2.2007 8:13

This is quite impressive and shows the highly accelerating growth of the best site in the world. It took aD four and a half [/b]years[/b] to reach 1,000,000 but only one and a forth years to get another million.

I would say at this rate (with ~620,000 registered members) aD will have its millionth member by Summer 2009 and 3 million posts by about mid-January 2008.

Great Job and Congratulations to dRD, Ketola, Creaky, ddp, Lethal_B, davedough, dela and the many other Mods, behind-the-scene's men (and women), and the members of this great website.

*Holds up a glass of wine* - To the aD crew, may your site stay active and flourishing and I speak on behalf of my fellow Members when I say we look forward to the news of the 3,000,000th post.

913.2.2007 8:15

Well done AfterDawn. :)

1013.2.2007 8:18

keep up the great work

1113.2.2007 11:38


congrats afterdawn

1213.2.2007 13:50

I remember the 1 millionth not long ago...

1313.2.2007 15:37

Congrats =) This is a fun community

1413.2.2007 16:59

i remember Kivory666 posted the first million

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1513.2.2007 18:05

how many of the 620,000 members are active

1613.2.2007 18:12

Originally posted by krkm120:
how many of the 620,000 members are active
Well, its probably somewhere around 200,000 in the forums. This is just a guess but I know that some people register just for the benefits of registering such as:

- No or a reduced number of ads
- The ability to receive the news letter
- Privilege of being able to enter the contests that occur from time to time

Some might register and just not post at all or post very little because they don't have the time or don't feel like posting in an open forum.

1714.2.2007 2:17

and you get the thousands of people who register to say, "unlock my nokia" etc. and thats their only post.

1816.2.2007 10:23

So what the over/under for the 3 million mark? My guess is 11 months, with 100,000 post saying congrats to Afterdawn on this thread here.

1916.2.2007 11:20

and CREAKY posted the second million

another milestone. congrats to the team and all members that made it possible :)

2016.2.2007 20:08

do i get a T-Shirt lol

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2116.2.2007 22:00

and gurnard where did you find out this info?

2217.2.2007 0:41

@ aabbccdd :)
sorry different context. my twisted sense of humor to imply creaky had posted the second million posts (not the two millionth post)

2317.2.2007 5:59

gurnard, i have both creaky & aabbccdd beat & probably both combined too!!!

2417.2.2007 6:17

I haven't seen creaky in a while.

2517.2.2007 9:44

he posted a couple days ago in safety valve.

2617.2.2007 10:47

@ ddp hi :)
can't argue with that

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