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Google ready to acquire Adscape

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 16 Feb 2007 15:02 User comments (6)

Google ready to acquire Adscape According to Red Herring, Google Inc. is preparing to take a step into in-game advertising as predicted, by acquiring Adscape Media Inc. for $23 million. Red Herring cited sources familiar with the matter in its report. Google declined to comment on the report citing company policy. Video game industry analysts say that the acquisition could give a major boost to the in-game advertising market.
Microsoft Corp. purchased Massive Inc. for $200 million, sealing itself into the market. Massive struck several deals with publishers including UbiSoft Entertainment SA, THQ Inc. and Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. to place advertisements in their titles. Many experts say that Google dropped the ball when that deal was struck.

"My take on this probable deal is that it doesn't make a lot of difference to Google ... but it does provide significant credibility to the game marketing space," Forrester Research Inc. analyst Shar VanBoskirk told Reuters. Other companies that Adscape competes with include Double Fusion and IGA Worldwide.


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6 user comments

116.2.2007 22:41

If games are gonna have ads in them, then they should be free or at least cost a lot less.

217.2.2007 4:35

Agreed. To which I also query, what does Google want with an in-game ad company? When has Google made a game at all? Are they planning to, or are they just trying to get some revenue through YouTube? Now they're forcing us to watch ads inside our games against our will? Who's the profit genius who came up with this grand scheme?

If they want to put ads in games, make an extra menu for it before you start the game, and leave them out of the normal experience. Damnit.

317.2.2007 9:33

This isn't bad at all it just means we'll see the Google logo in ur games every once and a while now.

417.2.2007 9:57

Argh, no editing. Our not ur.

517.2.2007 18:17

In-game ads are not new. Right now they're usually blended in a Coca-Cola branded soda machine or a real McDonalds instead of some made-up brand. I think Google just wants a piece of the in-game ad action, as they've done a great job cornering PPC ads on the net.

I personally don't mind unobtrusive ads as we have now, but I think if it does take off it could get a lot worse. Imagine having in-game NPC sales people that you have to talk to in order for the game to progress, or cut scenes that are essentially ads in disguise. This could get bad, UNLESS the games are free or heavily discounted.

618.2.2007 0:07

I like Google, but is there anything that Google is not buying. Or is there any company out there that has rejected their offers??

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