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YouTube clashes with media giants again

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 16 Feb 2007 14:32 User comments (4)

YouTube clashes with media giants again Google Inc.'s YouTube service has once again clashed with media companies over anti-piracy tools that the company will soon offer. The problem this time is that YouTube will only give access to anti-piracy tools to companies who have distribution deals with the service. YouTube's tool would help companies identify pirated content posted to the site.
YouTube's rival, MySpace, will offer its own version of copyright protecting software for free. "YouTube's proposition that they will only protect copyrighted content if there's a business deal in place is unacceptable," a spokesman for Viacom Inc., owner of MTV Networks and Comedy Central, said.

Viacom recently demanded that YouTube remove about 100,000 video clips from the site after they failed to reach a distribution deal.


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4 user comments

117.2.2007 0:07

why doesnt google just buy viacom?

217.2.2007 13:16

lol google should buy the whole world!!! They got the money for it.

322.2.2007 16:51

Seen a lot of this video swiping over the last few weeks..the BBC..Viacom..stuff is being removed even moments after you've viewed it.

As far as the BBC is concerned, I doubt this is suddenly going to make people go out and buy DVD's..they were already doing this after watching 'clips' on YT. No, these corporations are IMO loosing money because they are propaganda tools. People are fed up of it; the BBC was losing ratings long before YT appeared.

Plus, if you want to buy a magazine in a have a quick look and then decide. Likewise not even being able to look at low-quality stuff on YT is in fact turning customers away.

I don't like what's happening. The corporate bully-boys are trying to dictate what we can and cannot view, what we can and cannot say on the Internet. These bullies have a vested interest in dismantling the open nature of the Internet in general and their form of morality is based on corporate policy, not consensus. Shove it.

It's not YT that's turning people's the endless BS coming from these fat cat slugs.

422.2.2007 20:18

Without getting into the business too far: I believe Y T is correct in its opposition to removing content unless there is an agreement in place with the specific content owner. Why? Because Viacom and all the other companies wouldve demanded some sort of agreement (licencing?) from other perspecive Y T's out there anyway. Y T is correct to want an agreement with these companies. Then, should anything go wrong, there is an agreement in place to avoid costly court appearances/etc.

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