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Half of UK youth pays for music downloads

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 17 Feb 2007 16:26 User comments (9)

Half of UK youth pays for music downloads According to a Survey conducted by Q Research, half of the UK's youth pay to download music. Around 1500 people, aged between 11 and 25 were included in the research. According to the results, 85% of the respondents own an MP3 player, with Apple's iPod being the predictable most popular item. About 45% of respondents do not pay for music downloads.
Around a third claimed to pay about 5 per month on music downloads with only 3% claiming to pay more then 25 per month. Most of this 3% was aged between 20 and 24. In the older range, about two-thirds pay about 10 per month for downloads and about 15% pay between 10 and 20.

When asked about interest in multimedia phones, 81% of males asked said they would be interested in having music on their mobile phones while a lower 72% of girls were interested. Of those who already have music on their phones, 4 out of 5 buy through Internet services using computers first, and then transfer downloads to their phones, citing high data charges as reason to avoid direct downloads.

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9 user comments

118.2.2007 0:48

Depends on what kinda demographic they surveyed cause you would have to be employed to be able to afford expensive download services. If i want to purchase my music i would buy a CD.

218.2.2007 2:22

Unless they sruvey roughly one third of the UK's population, they can NEVER hope to get accurate results out of these silly surveys.

318.2.2007 2:24

half of the UK's youth pay to download music
yeh sure!

418.2.2007 3:15

I would like to know how many are buying from AllofMP3... lol...

518.2.2007 7:14

yeh i think q research needs to hand in their surveying license. did they only survey the kids in private school or something? i dont believe the youth in the uk is too stupid to download music for free.

618.2.2007 12:38

Manipulation of figures works both i would'nt be suprised in the least to learn that the majority of people using P2P etc, end up buying the CD's,tho i wish i could use a credit card at,well shite man ITunes here cost $2.00 NZ a song,ok in UK money that's around .60p but i ain't in the UK & it'd be cheaper to buy the physical media Grrrrr

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719.2.2007 11:09

Im in the UK & i own 3 teenagers, lol... they've all got iPods & MP3 compatible phones and the main source of music is probably 'bluetooth' between them & their friends.. next popular has gotta be LimeWire. stuff thats on LimeWire they could never get on iTunes, i.e. the latest underground garage, R & B or HipHop 'mashups' or 'bootlegs' because they aint licenced so cant be sold..

the same was the case in my day, you couldn't buy the latest white label or test press vinyl from HMV or VirginMegaStore, so one of us would buy it & pass it round our mates. much recording to TDK C-90's cassette tapes would occur. (an early form of file sharing i would imagine).

and remember kids, 'Home Taping Is Killing Music' as they told us in the 80's, its now 2007 & music aint dead yet......

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822.2.2007 18:31

Oh pleeeeze. 2/3 of 1/2 of the UK youth lied on the survey so they wouldn't get in trouble for illegal downloading.

926.2.2007 15:57

Who pays for music these days? It is socially unacceptable!

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