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Google working with Dow Jones in video project

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 26 Feb 2007 8:12

Google working with Dow Jones in video project Google Inc. is reportedly working with the Dow Jones, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Conde Nast and many major content providers to syndicate their huge collections of video content with other websites. The New York Times reported that video content would be displayed inside a Google ad box on a website, and would show content relevant to the website's focus and/or advertisements run during or after.
The revenue from the advertisements would be shared between Google, the provider of the video content and the website that displays the Google video ads. Google is not the only company looking to corner this market, even NBC Universal is attempting it, but considering the reach of Google's Adsense program online, the company appears to have the upper hand.

None of the companies cited in the New York Times report gave any further details on the matter.


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