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Zune firmware update this month

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 01 Mar 2007 6:43 User comments (8)

Zune firmware update this month Microsoft Corp. will release the next firmware update for the Zune music player device this month, according to Zune Insider. The site quotes the Zune release manager confirming that the Zune Firmware Update 1.3 will be available Mid-March. Here is what he said it will include...
  • We’re fixing the skipping problem that some users were experiencing – that is, content acquired from Zune Marketplace will no longer skip when played on the device.
  • Improved device and software reliability, when it comes to device detection, and improved sync'ing.
  • We’ve made some changes to the FM Tuner so it no longer drains the battery when in sleep mode.
Microsoft was relatively happy with how the Zune player performed over the 2006 holidays, even though the device still can't compete with Apple's iPod, and probably won't for a long time. Other Zune rumors have since emerged however, including a possibility of gaming content for Zune in the near future.

Zune Indsider

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8 user comments

11.3.2007 9:23

What is good about this device anyway.

21.3.2007 13:17

Originally posted by emachine:
What is good about this device anyway.

It's better than the iPod video. I have a Zune and I like it. The software kinda sucks though.

31.3.2007 13:27

I agree - the hardware is nice, gotta love that large screen. I wish it was easier to operate the software, though. Seriously, why isn't it easier to sync content, and why can't I modify that content once it is uploaded to the device? They have the opportunity to make some great improvements with this update.

41.3.2007 20:09

nothing is good about this device..

itunes has the easiest interface.. enough said.

bigger screen? hardly... half an inch diagonal

ipod does have fm tuner capabilities..

and like it says.. cannot compete with an ipod.

52.3.2007 15:51

Whatever man. You have to give more money to the over-priced Apple company in order to get the damn FM tuner. Now it's 30% bigger than the Zune with a smaller screen to boot.

62.3.2007 19:50

ZUNE is a better more innovative device....the iPOD is just more popular and flashy. Neither cost pennies to own so anyone who has owned an iPOD for sometime will snub the ZUNE. On the other hand anyone looking to be a 1st time purchaser of a serious MP3 player will enjoy the advanced options found on the ZUNE and for the same price as the iPOD....why wouldn't you purchase the ZUNE.(yeah period):P

73.3.2007 7:05

Microsoft has always sucked when it comes to getting their software to work properly, what makes you think they will ever get it right? I've never had software issues with my iPod. If I had it all to do over again, forget the slightly larger screen, I still pick iPod.

85.3.2007 4:21

Does the iPod video allow you to transcode and convert all your stuff and copy it to the device? I have a ton of crap on the PC that I would watch on an external device. Lots of different formats, codecs, and resolutions. Is the Zune software 'fire and forget' for encoding? Because I can use the DivXEncoder and a hacked Mio 310x now - it's just a pita.

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