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Apple fixes security holes in QuickTime

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 05 Mar 2007 18:01 User comments (2)

Apple fixes security holes in QuickTime Apple Computer Inc. has released new versions of its QuickTime software for both the Mac and Windows operating systems. The update addresses several serious security flaws with the software. A malicious individual could take advantages of the flaws by creating a modified QuickTime file that executes arbitrary code when run. This type of vulnerability could lead to a full system compromise.
Affected file types that have been corrected include QuickTime, MIDI, 3GP, PICT and QTIF files. Also updated today was Apple's iTunes software for both operating systems. The update adds support for the Apple TV device, which aims to bridge the gap between PC equipment and televisions by using a home network to stream multimedia using the iTunes software.


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2 user comments

16.3.2007 5:06

This loop-hole has probably been present since the creation of QT and just now a hacker has reverse-engineered QT to find this loophole.

26.3.2007 11:47

I would bet this is the beginning of the end for Apples claim to be Virus free as no one was interested in making anything for them, but with the Advertising they are doing promoting the virus free idea, it is taken as a challenge to those that make viruses just to prove them wrong. Nice going Apple.

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