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EA expects Sony's gaming dominance to slip

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 05 Mar 2007 17:51 User comments (8)

EA expects Sony's gaming dominance to slip Electronic Arts chief executive Larry Probst revealed that the world's biggest publisher of video game software expects Sony's dominance over the gaming console market to slip in the current war. "We expect that there will be a more level playing field this time around than last time," said Probst. He still expects Sony to win, but with figures that are nowhere near those seen with the PlayStation 2 console.
Sony claims to have shipped more than 115 million PS2s globally, over 60% of all combined unit sales in the last console cycle that kicked off back in 1999. However, when Sony delivered its console a year later than its competitor with a much higher price tag, many looked toward Microsoft as an even more serious contender and the seemingly underdog Nintendo Wii console has enjoyed incredible success.

"I think the issue is that (the PS3 is) expensive," Probst said. He added that EA's prediction should not surprise anybody, saying even the crowd at last year's E3 conference were stunned to find out that Sony's high-end PS3 would cost $600 in the U.S. while the Xbox 360 was selling for $400. "No one should count Sony out at this point in the game. This is going to be a long race," Probst cautioned, saying that the PS3 delivers potent technology for the money.

EA announced earlier this year that the company will support the Nintendo Wii platform and DS platform as a response to their incredible success. Former Chief Operating Officer John Riccitiello is to return to EA as Chief Executive Officer on April 2nd, and Probst will act as executive chairman.


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8 user comments

15.3.2007 18:24

I own a 360 and a Wii. And the article is right. Shelling out more money
seems unnecessary.
Let me say I could care less about "console wars" and who hates Sony or hates Microsoft.
I only care about content.
And as it is now the games are evenly matched graphics wise. Not because of hardware. But, because of the 3rd parties that must develop the games.
Blu-Ray may be a big pull in the future. But, even that will depend on the format war. And if the formats merge will old PS3's be unable to play the new discs?
All these factors put a burden on consumers. Going from 400 to 600 is a big mental step.
In my opinion Sony will need to offer something else "revolutionary"
in the near future. Whether its Wii like interactivity or 360 like online service. They need to hammer it home to consumers.

25.3.2007 18:45

I bought a Wii cause of the games not cause of the graphics when you love a game you dont care about graphixcs you care about the content being upgraded.
I think WII will win it has amazing potential and is selling 900,000+ units a month since November.

35.3.2007 19:11

i also think that the wii is a nice machine but it cant compete with its rivals in terms of for the ps3 i think it is loaded with technolgy some it is not needed at the time to sell a console that is meat to play games and provide gamers the ultimate lets get to the 360 it is not perfect by far.but it has some good things going for it right now.xboxlive is a killer service and the marketplace is good also.then there is the most important thing the games there is some awsome titles on the need to name them all just a few gears of war crakdown rainbow 6 vegas saints row.but i do think the ps3 will gain some more ground in about year or so only because most of the exclusive titles that made the ps2 a hit are now cross platform.

45.3.2007 21:06

exactly, people should actually try to embrace the ps3 pricetag right now. why, well because if the system was priced at $350 and say w/o Blu-ray there really wouldn't be any more xbox in the gaming market. the whole concept of a level playing field is something that 3rd party devs have been dreaming about for years.

the comments in the past made by EA and i think it was Epic seem to solidify the fact that 3rd party devs really want a level playing field and will apparantly do w/e they can to help achieve such a feat...

56.3.2007 2:23

i agree...
for a sake of same gameplay and graphic.. better save money and go for inexpensive xbox360. ps3 is just an expensive product for gaming.

66.3.2007 4:54

It's true.

Sony have managed to go from being bigger than the rest put together to merely the largest minority.

......and they only have themselves to blame.

76.3.2007 6:35

It all comes down to selling consoles. If Sony can't sell consoles, EA can't sell games, hence, EA loses money. They also have to publish on pricier Blu-ray discs, when the other consoles are using DVD media. Many of the franchises on PS2 are moving to Xbox 360 and Wii because the publishers cannot risk losing the money (see GTA.) Sony will not have as many exclusive titles other than their 1st party games. I'm not sure about you, but Crash Bandicoot is not going to entice me to pluck down $600 for a PS3.

In all, this EA statement does not surprise me. Months ago, they stated that Sony needed to desperately do "something" with the PSP, as EA looked to ramp up development of games for the DS and cut their losses on the "other" handheld console.

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86.3.2007 9:58

Sorry the wii wins in the game play filed you cant fight it with a pad or even mouse and KB,at least cant fight it with sub par games you need highly polished great games and I don't see the PS3 having enough to fight that,the PS3 wins the "fancy" media center with great graphics but so dose the 360.

BR for gaming currently is a joke for 3 reasons read speed,current size of games and the PS4 sated for 011,but even without the BR the PS3 is still a 400+ SYSTEM.

I might be extra harsh on the PS3 but I am the same with the 360 I feel the 360 is still limping along if the full Media edition of it has HDMI AND 120HD to go with the newcpu/mobo and case I will buy it as long as its under 500 if not I will put it off another year.

the PS3 needs some more balancing drop low end production and sale the High end PS3 for 450 ontop of that they could create a premium online structure.

the main thin both systems do not offer is full BWC this is a sad thing the PS3 was going to remember its past but it seems it wants to get away from it ASAP.......

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