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Gaming console ownership in U.S. rises sharply

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 05 Mar 2007 17:34 User comments (5)

Gaming console ownership in U.S. rises sharply According to research conducted by ratings firm Nielsen, the number of gaming consoles present in U.S. households with televisions has risen by over 18% since 2004. The report was titled "The State of the Console," and was published after a study was conducted by Nielsen between Q4 2004 and Q4 2006. The number of U.S. households with Televisions that also had a gaming console rose to 45.7 million from 38.6 million.
Overall, that is a rise of about 18.5%. In the time period, Nielsen noted that the number of U.S. households with televisions rose only 1.6%. The firm said that this report is the first in a projected series of studies that focus on trends in the gaming industry.

Two-thirds of all men in television-owning households aged between 18 and 34, and 80% of those aged between 12 and 17 have video game consoles in their homes. 74.4% of all console use came from the top 20% of American gamers.


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5 user comments

15.3.2007 17:44

Can't really understand these number... kinda like nothing is really making any sense on that report.
Could anyone else put some graphics to help us out see what it is that it really means?

25.3.2007 17:53

well........ the number of U.S. households with both a TV aand least one gaming console rose by 18% over a two year period and there are some extra figures on the amount of console use by age group. It doesn't seem all that difficult to me anyways, but then again, i did read source article before i wrote it so that doesn't matter lol

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36.3.2007 4:55

Perhaps the homes having televisions increased only 1.6% because nearly everyone has a television. Even in college my roommates and I owned a television for our consoles. Most of our program viewing came from computers and downloaded content. A 17" monitor WAS good enough for a small room showing. The only complaint of that method was that you were sitting in somebody's room and most likely the couch was full, the bean bag chair was called, the dining chair for overflow was occupied and finally the floor was the only option.

46.3.2007 6:15

Even in college my roommates and I owned a television for our consoles.
No wonder it takes 5-6 years to get a four year degree nowadays ;)

58.3.2007 21:50

Id really like to know how they get these number of theirs. Its not like they went into everyones house and asked how old you are, do you have a tv, do you have a gaming console. Even if they polled 10,000 people, any given day those 10,000 will give you different numbers depending on where the poll is taken, what time, what was the weather etc. So my point is these "statistics" are irrelevant.

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