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Apple: iTunes and Vista still incompatible

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 06 Mar 2007 11:21 User comments (9)

Apple: iTunes and Vista still incompatible Apple Computer Inc. has warned its users about using iTunes 7.1 with Windows Vista, especially when using iTunes with an iPod connected. Despite the iTunes 7.1 update adding support for the Apple TV device, as well as other things, Apple revealed that there were no proper fixes for known issues with Windows Vista yet, and that the company continues to work with Microsoft to resolve the bugs.
Apple has warned that using the Windows Vista "Safely Remove Hardware" feature can actually corrupt your iPod, requiring a full restore. iTunes text and graphics also reportedly have display issues with Windows Vista. iTunes and iPod are also still considered incompatible with the 64bit version of Windows XP as well.


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9 user comments

16.3.2007 12:54

Apple revealed that there were no proper fixes for known issues with Windows Vista....... that says it all in a nut shell.... Nero wont work every thing has to be alowed damn microsofts newest offer of a working os is starting to sound alot like my ex wife... and that got kicked to the curb years ago.... so your anti virus dosnt work even if your using mc afees enterprise adition so why isnt microsoft suprised when nobody really wants to change over damn they just got XP working and they want to drop it like yesterdays rubish....

26.3.2007 13:47

First of all, that comment about your wife... I don't know whether to laugh, or point and gasp, "Wife abuser!"

Secondly, I was just wondering, was XP so incompatible? I remember everything working nicely, but I was sort of youngish, (especially in terms of computer knowledge.) I do remember fiddling with Win2k and WinME and thinking, "Wow, these blow."

I played around with Vister on a laptop at a local computer store and the machine could barely handle it. Everything seemed to open quick sluggishly. Then, I tried opening some game and the thing practically froze. Sheesh.

36.3.2007 15:16

and your right beside the people who get vista on a new pc who is buying it? the school that i work for bought 5 copies with the education discount it ran 50 each so $250 invested and I set it up and now with a 64 meg video card I go to set the screen saver and up pops a message that none other then the vista logo can run due to the card not being strong enough .... whats with microsoft are they trying to out themselves from the market who wants an os that requires you to buy a new system.... XP will live on as did 98se for years to come...

47.3.2007 0:50

so...use dual boot both xp and vista before vista become stable and all software is compatible with it!
the history repeat and i can feel like the same on the time that xp 1st come out!

58.3.2007 14:21

Vista will be like Windows ME trust me it will last about 3 months as did ME and M$ will discontinue it. Don't buy this crap and get your friends to buy custom computers with XP installed instead.

If XP ever get discontinued I am sure the cracker community will supply you with copies of XP. It will become an open source operating system in the underground. Drivers will be made avail to Download for new devices thanks to the underground.

Vista is a marketing ploy and its the biggest folly in the computer industry. Always will be. If your a Blind user ir a visually impaired user you can FORGET vista.

The fact that you can't even get legal music services to work properly with Vista makes the operating system useless.

You can get a FREE OS that can do more than Vista. Why travel in reverse. Go forward and either use Linux, buy a mac, or continue to use XP.

69.3.2007 2:22

I just recently bought a new computer with a duo core amd 4200 running at 2.2 ghtz. I made certain to get it with XP so I could use my Itunes, but now I hear that the Ipod is not compatible with the 64 bit processing that my computer will have. Is there anything I can do so I have no problems with my Ipod and Itunes?

712.3.2007 4:17

ITunes isn't compatible with WinXP 64 bit not 64 bit proc's. If the OS is 32 bit and ur running a 64 bit proc u shud have no prob's.

816.3.2007 3:27

eobass4, relax! Your computer does not have 64 bit processing. The hard ware supports it but XP is 32 bit. You were wise to go with the older software. In a year from now itunes will run on Vista. Right now the two giants can sling mud at one another. This incompatibility will hurt both of them. Once they can actually 'feel it' they will correct the problem.

Of course MS blames the poor sales on pirates not that they are total morons and A-holes to boot. Since MS discontinued DOS initial sales of ALL the OSs have been poor because they were relaseased a year or two early. They rely on the persons that want to pioneer OSs to debug their software for free. They really don't mind if the new OS blows away their HD just so long as they have the latest and greatest. It saves MS hundres of millions of dollars. They actually BUY the software and test it for them. Most may be in the trade so they can sell their expertise once the OS becomes mainstream.

My suggestion is do not debug their software unless you can make a profit from your experiance. Otherwise, you need to get your head examined if you buy Vista before it is debugged.

Apple has good reason to be angry. The TDK is buggy. The TDK is what everyone but Microsoft uses in their apps to interface with the OS. MS usually has many teams working in parrellel for each needed function. MS keeps the two functions that work the best for MS apps to use. Second place is used buy non MS programmers working on out sourced MS product work. Third place gets put into the TDK. This is why MS apps always work better than the other guy's apps especially on a new OS. Woops, I forgot, they don't do this anymore after getting their pants sued off for doing this. They were ordered by the court to 'play nice'.

These problems with Apple were probably not mistakes. The bugs were likely 'put' in to the software to cause problems. MS was able to kill their rival Novell by engineering incompatibilities into software. I am a programmer and I was responcible for reviewing email systems for a large gov agency (50K of seats). This was way before Outlook. The MS mail was supposed to have been created to run on Novell, the newtork giant at that time. MS mail was the favorite at the agency because it was so cheep and sexy. My research uncovered some flaw with MS running on Novell, so my 2-3 week study was extended to 8 weeks. I was able to discover the root of the problem. There was contention at the core of both systems that could NEVER be solved. They picked the Novell product and were grateful the flaw was uncovered before they bought the software. I am sure MS mail was designed to work only well enough to pass initial testing with Novell but there would always be a small nagging problem. Later, MS 'was shocked' to learn that there were 'unforseen' problems after promising the public that MS mail would work flawlessly with Novell. To try to make good on their claim, they would give the damaged parties MS network OS for free! This was very expensive software $10 K+. Luckily they just happened to have a huge quanity on hand. It was far easier to change the OS than to change the email, especially on large networks. Each user is set up individually. I believe MS even had a migration utility that would mindlessly do the email migration for you. Most everyone that had bought MS mail took advantage of the deal. That was the end of Novell. Does anyone even recognise the name Novell now?

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98.4.2007 18:16

I don't know why so many people have been bashing Vista, Vista seems to be working perfectly fine for me although I've experienced maybe 2 bugs so far. I think Vista is a step up from Windows XP, it has a nice graphic interface files are more easier to find just by typing the file name in the search feild. I still don't see why apple hasn't dealt with iTunes incompatibility issues yet, it'd be nice if they fix the problems. To sum things up I don't think Vista is as bad as people have been portraying it to be and I've been using Vista since November of 2006.

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