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UK software uploader fined

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 10 Mar 2007 17:44 User comments (7)

UK software uploader fined The Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) is claiming a victory over P2P piracy in the UK after a file sharer was fined after allegedly uploading an unnamed software title. The software, which apparently was worth about 35 ($65.00), was valuable enough to FAST to spend 10 months identifying the alleged infringer. However, this case is not exactly a victory over file sharing.
What really happened is the accused man simply did not respond to initial copyright notifications from FAST. He then showed up on court in February 27th, and claimed to not have received the initial copyright violation notices from FAST, but the claim did not impress the court and he received an order to pay 3,500 to cover FAST's damages and legal fees.

As a result, this case doesn't exactly clarify anything about the legality of the man's actions or even the reliability of the evidence against him. He uploaded the software using the Kazaa P2P client.


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7 user comments

111.3.2007 1:58

ya but the other guy was already dead.....

win at default...sad.....can the guy appeal?

211.3.2007 11:00

I don't think this guy really cared about what would happen to him.

311.3.2007 14:18

I thought Kazaa went legit a while ago lol.

412.3.2007 12:47

I thought KaZaa was dead, seriously.

518.3.2007 0:53

35? Why? What is the honest point in bothering?

618.3.2007 0:59

Originally posted by CR3AT10N:
35? Why? What is the honest point in bothering?
the court fees are only 1000 times worse...

722.3.2007 5:47

if the guy had took it to the eu court he would prob have got away with it on account of the suit bein a load of codswallop and would have prob been gave compensation for damages and harassment to him.

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