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Arcam released rDock for iPod

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 10 Mar 2007 19:54

Arcam released rDock for iPod Arcam released this week, a high-end dock for iPods (and the company's first), the rDock. The stand-alone device designed for use with the Arcam Solo and Solo Movie system, but works with others as well, and can easily be connected to to your own speakers and other equipment. A notable difference in this gadget compared to similar items, is that it does not charge the iPod battery by default, a move the company claims to prolong battery life and actually improve sound quality.
Most docks leave the iPod charging all the time, which can damage the battery. The rDock uniquely features a programmable "charge-off" setting. During research, it was discovered that the sound quality took a major leap when running off the iPod battery alone, with no charging going on. This is akin to some audiophile pre-amps that run on a rechargeable battery to achieve independence from mains Noise. The improvement in sound was so marked, that the rDock now has charge off as the default setting.

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