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Major anti-piracy operations in Tri-border area

Written by James Delahunty @ 12 Mar 2007 6:29

Major anti-piracy operations in Tri-border area Brazilian and Paraguayan authorities conducted several major anti-piracy operations on both sides of the Tri-border area earlier this month. The Specialized Anti-Piracy Unit (UTE) in Paraguay executed search warrants on 2nd March against two major labs and three warehouses in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay. A total of 126 burners, 24,575 film DVD-Rs and 12,248 music CD-Rs were seized as one person was arrested.
On March 67th, Brazilian authorities in the state of Parana seized a total of 566 DVD-R burners, 16,000 film DVD-Rs, 6,000 music CD-Rs, 475,000 blank CD-Rs and DVD-Rs and half a million inlays as part of an ongoing highway interdiction programme. Three people were arrested as a result of the seizures.

Acting on intelligence from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), Paraguay's UTE also executed a search warrant against a warehouse located in the International Free Zone of Ciudad del Este, resulting in the seizure of approximately 100,000 recorded music CD-Rs and 303,000 film DVD-Rs. "We congratulate the Brazilian and Paraguayan authorities for these excellent enforcement operations," Raul Vazquez, head of IFPI's Latin America office, said.

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