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Toshiba announces HD-DVD integration to Satellite

Written by Dave Horvath @ 19 Mar 2007 6:41 User comments (3)

Toshiba announces HD-DVD integration to Satellite Speaking at the CeBit show, a Toshiba spokesperson revealed some interesting news about their flagship HD-DVD technology and its integration into their popular laptop product lines.
Announced for a release in Q3 2007, Toshiba stated that its Satellite brand of laptops will come equipped with HD-DVD drives. Toshiba already offers HD-DVD drives in its existing Q30 line of laptops which was launched in May of last year. Not content with letting that line go to waste either, the japanese electronics giant also revealed that the Q30 can expect an HD-DVDR drive in Q2 of 2007.

Some may remember that Toshiba had shown off an HD-DVDR equipped laptop at January's CES show, but now it appears that the product will finally come to consumer's hands.

The company announced that of the blue-laser optical drives designed for PCs, 60% of them were capable of supporting HD-DVD format, and with the integration into slimline notebooks, officials say that brings the share up to 70%. With the release of the HD-DVDR equipped Q30 and the lower end Satellite system later this year, it appears that Toshiba may make it's projected forecast of 500,000 HD-DVD players on the market in Europe by the end of 2007.

No price structure was announced for either of the laptops discussed.

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3 user comments

119.3.2007 07:49

For those of you that like Intel Mobile processors this could be nice but how much extra will you pay for this? Since I won't waste my monies on another slow/expensive Intel I'm pretty much stuck with HP who carries the Turion X2 hopefully they will have a BD coming out or even better yet a combo drive (BD-HD). I have 3 Toshiba Satellites and really don't like any of them however they are pretty.

219.3.2007 10:31

I have a Satellite and love it. Admittedly, I bought at the wrong time, (got a Centrino duo chip and the core 2 duos came out a few months later.) Its a little slower than other computers, (Ie, my AMD 4600+ outperforms it) but it is soooo sturdy. Plus, it has a really nice laptop key set.

In contrast I had two different HP Pavililions over the course of 5 years which were consistently breaking on me.

320.3.2007 08:27

Pavilion is a desktop it's not comparable to a notebook but the HP notebooks have had issues with their choice in HDD's, minor problems that the warranty covers. My notebooks are CenCrapo's too but not the Core2 which is much better for power and speed, still too expensive though when you can get a Turion for MUCH cheaper, Faster, and Stable as well.

I wouldn't buy any prefab'd desktop just for the fact that you get bottom of the barrel parts and no XP/Vista install CDVD. The restore crap is for the birds and not a clean install since its plagued with trial garbage and whatever else they wish to impose on you.

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