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NBC to compete with MySpace, YouTube

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 22 Mar 2007 11:58 User comments (3)

NBC to compete with MySpace, YouTube NBC Universal has decided to build its own social networking service aimed at challenging the dominance of News Corp's MySpace and Google Inc.'s YouTube. Like its rivals-to-be, NBC's service, which will be hosted at, will allow users to share NBC video content and post them on blogs and other social networking sites. NBC hopes to capture some viewers from sites like YouTube.
Again, like MySpace and YouTube, users can upload their own produced video content and images, and share them with other users. Public profiles will also be offered and users will be able to create fan groups around their favorite television shows. Huge content providers such as NBC hope to use their influence to gather a lot of web traffic to earn advertising dollars.


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3 user comments

122.3.2007 16:22

good luck to them, myspace and you tube are like chain reactions, 1 person joined and said this is cool, come on with me.

why bother with a different site that has practically noone on it.

222.3.2007 22:22

Worse yet in the past when the networks have discussed this they have said that only CERTAIN content will be 'made available' to users which makes one think that they still would not want people uploading most of the stuff they try to get taken down at YouTube. Of course if they have smartened up and said allow whatever and make money off adverts then thats a good step.. but will they allow say content from ABC or Sci-Fi or only NBC???

Regardless it takes more than some suit making a website to attract the users that make up these communities.

323.3.2007 9:23

I think NBC is just going to be offering its own shows online - not really competing with anybody but putting stuff like Heroes up so you can watch them anytime. Am I wrong?

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