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Apple & EMI in deal, but no Beatles?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 01 Apr 2007 16:58 User comments (3)

Apple & EMI in deal, but no Beatles? An announcement expected from Apple Computer Inc. and EMI Group Plc. to reveal "an exciting new digital offering," at an event on Monday stirred speculation that Beatles music would be making its way to iTunes. However, a source has told Reuters that while there is in fact a deal between the two, it doesn't include the Beatles catalog. "There is no Beatles' announcement," the source said.
EMI will hold an event in London on Monday. EMI Chief Executive Eric Nicoli will be accompanied by Steve Jobs according to emails sent to reporters. JupiterResearch analyst Michael Gartenberg said a deal between the two may address a range of issues, but a Beatles distribution agreement is very unlikely.

"While the Beatles are the obvious choice, the invitation does mention a 'special live performance' and it is clear that that live performance does not cover the Beatles," Gartenberg said. "There are a lot of other possibilities." One (perhaps small) possibility may be that Apple and EMI have come to an agreement to experiment with DRM-free downloads


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3 user comments

12.4.2007 11:14

i dont care much for the beattles music much any way but they keep them off the download list long enough when they do allow them to be downloaded, some of the younger generation may not know much about them and not want to download their music.out of sight out of mind.

22.4.2007 18:10

Not only out of sight and mind, but the industry is really stupid as to not make every penny they can from this music.

They are even not making a decent amount of sales off of even the itunes store, so you would think every bit would help!

But the free p2p networks offer all the beatles and everything else you want! FREE! With an idiotic approach to sales like that... it is pretty easy to figure out who will win this war.....P2P BABY!

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36.4.2007 9:23


Go to the store, buy the cd. Download a Lossless copy off of the internet. But please, please, don't kill your music with a lower bitrate.

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