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Nintendo to try to block Wii modchips

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Apr 2007 11:11 User comments (12)

Nintendo to try to block Wii modchips Due to the increasing availability of mod chips for their Wii console, Nintendo recently began shipping a revised version of the Wii that included an altered circuit layout, one that makes system level mods more difficult to perform.
However, forums are buzzing with news that new modchips for use with the altered layout are less than a month away and when those hit, they will force Nintendo to once again upgrade their circuit layout.

Providers of Wii modification services in Taiwan have stated that they belive soon Nintendo will use more complex methods to block modifications for an extended period of time.

They believe Nintendo could possibly adopt a "ball grid array" IC packaging which, if exectuted properly, could extend the time needed by hackers to develop new modchips to at least four months.

We will see what Nintendo has in store for the Wii as hackers continue to modify the system daily.


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12 user comments

15.4.2007 11:39

they will never stop us!

25.4.2007 11:39

I like how they just go back and forth. I think hackers look forward to new upgrades as they see as a new challenge. It will never end.

35.4.2007 11:46

Where there's a Wii, there's a way! Ha Ha Ha!

45.4.2007 11:56

face it, most people buy these systems with modding them in mind. these companys know this too.

55.4.2007 13:30

The Wiikey (which has been out for a little while now) works fine with the new boards (you have to do a wire solder instead of quick solder though)... so yeah I don't think this new batch will hurt many people.

65.4.2007 14:18

so the you can back up WII games on blank dvds and play them already?

75.4.2007 14:21

would like to get "modded SD card" for wii that its only softmod, not firm update... Not going to open my wii tho (Well got soldering skills but still, if something goes wrong it's bye bye 250€)

85.4.2007 14:42

wonder how long it will take for the new chips to come out currently "burrowing" my lil bros Wii fun shit

95.4.2007 18:31

just got a wii how can i say if it will work with the wiikey?

105.4.2007 20:54

Nintendo doing stupid stuff. They should sue companies who making chips.

116.4.2007 0:38

Nintendo wants to employ Hackers to make them,secure..Robbers usually have the securest least nintendo is making money off every console plus the money from there controllers they sell,unlike the other 2 consoles

1214.4.2007 10:52

Originally posted by cleverick:
Where there's a Wii, there's a way! Ha Ha Ha!
LMAO, Thats quality!!!

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