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First iPod virus found

Written by Dave Horvath @ 06 Apr 2007 8:08 User comments (7)

First iPod virus found Security firm Kaspersky has identified the first virus possible of infecting Apple's iPod. Although this virus is not malicious in nature and is impossible to spread on its own, it has been identified as a "proof of concept" virus. What this means, the developers of the virus have released the file to show that it is possible to infect the platform and can become a problem should the decide to release it upon the world.
In its current form, the virus known as Podloso can only "infect" the iPod with direct user involvement. As stated, being proof of concept only, it has no means of self propogating. Once launched, it scans the hard drive and attaches itself to any executable (.elf) file found. Once any application on the iPod is launched, the user will be treated to a splash screen stating, "You are infected with Oslo the first iPodLinux Virus".

As evident from its message, the Podloso virus only infects those iPods running Linux as its operating system.

No details were found of its origination and as stated before, this virus poses no real threat, carries no malicious payload and can only be infected if you, the user, specifically launches the virus package. Apparently the creators just wanted word to spread that they are not safe anymore.


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7 user comments

16.4.2007 10:28

don't care since it's ipod running linux only.

26.4.2007 11:04

dont care cause not own ipod :P

36.4.2007 11:16

lol... who would even bother to make an ipod virus... useless junk :P

46.4.2007 11:52

Originally posted by Attin:
who would even bother to make an ipod virus
The competition... lol

56.4.2007 13:50

That's retarded, 95% if not more, of iPod users probably do not have Linux installed on their iPod, achieving the same results on the iPod's default firmware is probably significantly more difficult.

Not to mention you would have to already gain access to the iPod owners computer to put the virus on the iPod, which in a sense defeats the purpose.

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66.4.2007 20:23

I don't even know how to use Linux :)

ANd no one wants to teach me :(

77.4.2007 12:14

All right, how do I see the news comment if im in the forum? All I see are the replys to it.

Also I believe there were ipod's shipped with viruses before:

This is not the first virus.

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