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HP to try its hand at the gaming market

Written by Dave Horvath @ 06 Apr 2007 7:23 User comments (1)

HP to try its hand at the gaming market Computer manufacturer Hewlett Packard has decided to give the world of video games a shot. Having recently acquired VoodooPC at the end of last year, HP unveiled plans to usher in a new line of PCs tailored to gamers.
With innovative plans in the works such as curved monitors which are said to allow gamers a more surreal experience in their gameplay. One example was a driving game that could give the gamer peripheral vision as well as the standard straight on view. Another plan unveiled with little information is a handheld unit in development to give gamers a solution on the move.

HP stated that it has no intentions at going up against the big 3 in consoles, but only to offer PC gamers an avenue for competant machines, priced a bit higher than their standard machines, but full of impressive hardware. They stated that the machines would, however cost less than the custom PCs once ordered directly from VoodooPC. HP hopes to follow its competitor Dell when it purchased custom PC maker Alienware in March 2006. The 35 billion dollar per year industry has to be tempting for just about anyone with the means of breaking into it.


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16.4.2007 8:10

Well 2 of my computers are HP and 1 is a Compaq, which is basicly a HP too. If these new computers are cheaper then the XPS, maybe I'll get one.

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