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Sony to sell OLED TVs this year

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 12 Apr 2007 4:57 User comments (6)

Sony to sell OLED TVs this year Sony Corp. plans to be one of the first to market TVs that use organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology later this year. The company announced on Thursday that it will begin selling the ultra-thin displays in 2007, joining several other companies that are interested in bringing OLED's benefits to the consumer electronics market. OLED technology is expected to be a fierce rival for iquid crystal displays (LCDs) and Plasma TVs.
Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology has a huge benefit in that it does not require a backlight like LCD, which means a very thin panel can be produced. It also produces fast moving images very well and its power consumption is even lower than LCD, which is already considered to be a low power consuming technology.

At a display forum in Tokya, attendees showed their support for OLED by ignoring the 50-inch+ Plasma displays and instead gathering around Sony's 11-inch OLED displays. "LCD and plasma displays look faded in comparison," said a Denso Corp. employee who declined to be named. OLED displays are already used in digital cameras, cellphones and other devices with relatively small panels.


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6 user comments

112.4.2007 13:39 more Sony product to ignore. Hey Sony you remember that ROOTKIT fiasco you put on us last year?........well I sure do =] good luck selling me anything else again EVER.

212.4.2007 15:10

Commercially backed spyware was finally brought to the public media's eyes with that fiasco ... their intention was to protect the copy-right instead it plagued Windows with security holes ... you can't trust the CDs you buy

313.4.2007 14:49

Meanwhile, back ON-topic...

I'll be very interested when the price gets down where DLPs are now.

413.4.2007 21:25

Fiji5555 thats gotta be the dumbest post i'v ever seen " good luck selling me your products..." lmao what a jackass oled tvs are one of the many more type of technology that is going to take over and sony as much as other non brand or re badged sony tvs will have sucess.... when i mean rebadge is simple sony can buy or any brand it doesnt have to be sony they can buy it and re name it so you really dont know what brand you buying....

freakFlag your right you cant trust cds' thats why i just d/l i dont mind spending the money its the spyware crap that pisses me off
but back to subject sed was gonna rival oled but had some copy rights or someitng that it had to fix so oled seems to be the next big thing and its coming in this year that is amazing....

and to the last post steve83 dlp really suck lol i mean you have to be in a near perfect angle sort of like projectons/rear proections and the list goes on.... currently the best quailty in tv is crt tube yep those big bulky things but people perfer thin sh!ty tvs for sacrifising quality over size, for me i dont care how much more it cost ( to a reasonable price of course) but i care about quailyt.....

513.4.2007 22:57

Yup, gus738,
Just bought a 36 inch SONY VEGA (it's Vega idiots not WEGA!!!) and I have yet to see those thousand dollar pieces-o-crap come close!! AND, it's a big fat glass, back-cracking, overweight tube and MAN does it look awesome!!!! HD is so freaking over-rated right now...well, unless you just spent over a grand and you sooo need to justify your situation on being ripped off!!

615.4.2007 2:21

so Sony is to finally release oled tvs? Good, I've been watching this technology develop over many years, another fine British invention, and i hope they have the "printing" of the ink substrate thingy sorted out so the cost will come right down. In theory you could have a 60" tv that could be rolled up and carried anywhere you desire. Release will be a couple of years too late for me as I went and bought a 42" plasma over a year ago and it's great, especially when I hook up my computer to watch shows i down loaded, bad thing is the selection of HD TV on offer and the price of programming and hardware to watch it, early days i guess, price should come down as more people sign up.

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