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Final Wii browser released

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 12 Apr 2007 2:28 User comments (8)

Final Wii browser released Nintendo has updated the Shop Channel to include the final version of Internet Channel or Wii Opera. It is completely free to download, at least until July. Before you download the browser you need to install system update which enables Parental Controls.
The new final version comes with some new and improved features:
- Parental Control support
- Optional Internet content filter provided by Astaro (available soon)
- Improved start-up speed
- Clearer text when zoomed-in
- Improved Wii Remote navigation
- Improved scrolling and zooming
- Built-in search via Yahoo! or Google
- Option to hide Toolbar
- New cursor animations and operation sounds
- Ability to view page security information
- Option to delete cookies
- Built-in support manual

Go Nintendo

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8 user comments

112.4.2007 3:46

fantastic not only is this a great feature making the wi a cheap internet box-its FREE!how often do they give away software,the same software on the DS has to be paid for,
bout time MS did this and got even more 360's out there

212.4.2007 4:10

Originally posted by rjr20001:
fantastic not only is this a great feature making the wi a cheap internet box-its FREE!how often do they give away software,the same software on the DS has to be paid for,
bout time MS did this and got even more 360's out there
they said the have plans to start charging after april or something

312.4.2007 15:40

Charging what, to surf the net? The browser to surf the net? Charging for either makes no sense to me. You're browsing the internet over your own, paid-for, AP. Or, at least that's the way I see it. I guess I'll have to wait until mozilla hits wii. ;)

412.4.2007 16:53

It's not a monthly charge, it's a one time purchase, and it's supposedly going to be about $5. Quite frankly, I'm not all too worried about that. Those that really want it can afford it... Easily. Those who don't want to pay for it, probably wouldn't use it anyways. So, it's not a huge ordeal, really. Sony was considering charging for their web browser on the PSP early on, but then the wipeout browser hack became widely known, and that went out the window, lol. There are some light rumors that M$ might do the same thing as well in the future.

Really though, a browser on your tv doesn't look too good, even when you've got a high def tv. I have yet to see one look really good, furthermore, a controller setup has never been desirable for it anyways, I've been there with the psp, my xbox, and my ps2. It's just not practical. Even with keyboard adaptors, etc; it doesn't feel right, and if you really go through the trouble to setup a keyboard/mouse combo, you'll want a hard surface to set them on, at which point you might as well be sitting at your desk anyways. Only a few people with HUGE hi-def televisions that happen to have comfortable sitting-level tables in front of them at that 'perfect'distance will really be able to get a good experience from this. The only thing I see it as all-that-useful for are A.)Watching video clips(Ie youtube, etc) and B.) Checking your e-mail if your pc is down/occupied. And even that could be tedious, it takes forever to input sign-in information without a keyboard.

Now, if they can start making them full-use machines with messengers(Like the 360 will be getting soon), and more practical uses; I might be more interested. But really, that would be a pc that plugs into your tv anyways, so really what's the point?

512.4.2007 19:18

Whay does M$ have to charge for everything?

Messenger, to me and my friends, will be completely useless. How are you suppose to key in letters while your playing an fps game?

612.4.2007 20:24

Um, M$ isn't charging for the messenger service, it's free in the Spring update, which is also completely free; and the idea of them having internet on the 360 at all(Free or not) is purely speculation.

Apparently you're either strongly misinformed or didn't read my post correctly.

713.4.2007 9:54

yeah... to bad Youtube doesn't work in the full wii browser (worked in the 'trial' version...)

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813.4.2007 15:47

There's a 'Wiitube' alternative you might try out, I haven't personally used it, but I've heard good things.

I think it would also be wise for companies like gamefly to make alternative versions of their pages, designed for console home veiwing, to provide a better experience, since it would allow you to select your next game rental on your game system. How cool would that be?

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