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Wi-Fi iPod rumors re-kindle

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 14 Apr 2007 18:30 User comments (7)

Wi-Fi iPod rumors re-kindle Apple's iPod has had a history of significant improvement by model since it was originally released, helping it to become the most popular MP3 player in the world, selling over 100 million units. Therefore, rumors and speculations about upcoming iPod improvements are constantly doing the rounds, and it has been wondered by many when exactly Apple Inc. will add WiFi support to an upcoming iPod.
Well, if you were to believe the latest whispers about the gadget, Apple will release an iPod this year that features WiFi, according to component makers in Taiwan. Universal Scientific Industrial (USI) has been named as a supplier for the WiFi technology, while Foxconn is expected to produce the finished units.

Adding WiFi to an iPod could allow communicating with iTunes without the need for a USB cable to transfer music to the device and perhaps streaming audio and video content. Of course, these rumors are often completely wrong too, but it would make sense for Apple to try to improve upon Zune's wireless support.


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7 user comments

114.4.2007 20:00

Meh, I wouldn't need it. I'll just stick to the good ol' USB port. You can't go wrong with USB :P

215.4.2007 1:52

i'd much rather get my ipod working on my window xp 1st.
lets take care of that bug before we get into this whole headstrong competition thing.
how about taking care of it's current users so that way they don't have to go over to their friends house every time they want new music on there nano!!!!
my ipod hasn't work ever since itunes 7. came out!!!

315.4.2007 5:13

Apple inc. forget Wi-Fi for now and let’s focus on the widescreen video iPod! Like I said before, I really think the iPhone was the new widescreen video iPod that I read about last year, someone must’ve had an idea to make it a phone as well…

415.4.2007 7:50

Syncing Gigs across a WiFi connection has a high cost of battery life and should probably only be done while an external power source is available. With this well noted why not provide the power and Sync of USB (or Firewire) across a developed interface. Is the cabling that much of a hassle? Beside the point, would they consider Bluetooth as a transfer medium? With the embedded Bluetooth controller, a set of wireless headphones would be a nice addition.

515.4.2007 8:35

i see wifi as mor eof a download a song or 2 that u want to hear say hot spots can have maybe wifi channels that u cna listen to it could be a HUGE marketing tool, ya go to star bucks they let your ipod jump on there wifi for free & maybe u grab that cd they r playing or another pastery r sumin i know star bucks all ready have an xm channel i belive. or just downloading a song or two from an iod version of i tunes i think it is great & i think blue tooth would be great too.

616.4.2007 20:02

As Vinny said the only difference is the wire. They have to make more improvements than that. Wifi on a Ipod may not be good when travelling on the planes cause on planes you can use your ipods during the flight just not during take off and landing.

Why do we need wifi...

728.4.2007 11:45

Wifi? ... ... ... We buy iPods to listen to music, not to share songs, browse the web, or the music store... Wifi blows. And knowing apple it will probably be DRM wifi :D

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