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DisplayPort will support fiber-optic cables

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 18 Apr 2007 19:32 User comments (2)

DisplayPort will support fiber-optic cables DisplayPort, a digital display interfaced standard developed by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) to replace DVI and VGA as the new standard for connection (mainly) PC equipment, is now set to use fiber-optic cables as an optional alternative to copper. Luxtera Inc. has gotten the go ahead from VESA to develop DisplayPort technologies using CMOS photonics as the DisplayPort task force approved the addition of Hybrid Devices to the specification as a standard alternative solution to copper cables.
"This addition is another technical advantage of the DisplayPort standard. It opens new opportunities for the industry to standardize and certify optical video interconnect solutions for longer reach display applications such as digital signage and projection systems," said Earl Joseph, Program Vice President of IDC's High-Performance Systems.

This is the first time the industry has recognized and approved high performance optical video interconnect technology, with the broad based support of the PC industry. For major PC and display manufacturers, a product must have a logo in order to be considered for sale. Now one of the biggest barriers to widespread adoption of optical video interconnect technology, such as Luxtera's CMOS Photonics, has been removed.

"No other digital video standard provides power to enable this kind of technology nor do any other video standards bodies allow optical based solutions to obtain a logo. Without Luxtera as a driving force, the standard would still allow only copper," said Eileen Robarge, Group Leader, DisplayPort Hybrid Device Subgroup.

Robarge added: "Optical technology, particularly single mode technology, can most effectively address the longer reach market needs for digital signage, projectors, imaging, quiet office and digital home and support much higher performance picture quality for the end user at both short and longer distances. Luxtera is leading the charge in optical standards development for PC and CE industries, and will continue to work with VESA in future video standard development."

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121.4.2007 19:20

In my opinion they are moving to fast for the everyday consumer.

213.4.2008 1:18

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