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Executive sees end of DRM in music files

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 26 Apr 2007 11:39 User comments (8)

Executive sees end of DRM in music files Earlier this week, Ty Roberts, the CTO of Gracenote, made the bold claim that the music industry was "about to cave in the next six months" on the issue of DRM in music downloads.
Although Mr Roberts believes, and rightfully so, that it requires less "friction" now to get illegal content than it is to acquire the legal versions he also feels that the complete loss of DRM may not be so good for the music industry in the long run.

Paul Jessop, CTO of the RIAA, agreed with Mr Robert's latter statement as he stated that most consumers would see an open format download as a free download. He did however say that the RIAA wants the hassles of DRM to be sorted soon. The interoperability issues of DRM have been harming everyone in the business and the industry is calling out for an open DRM format or even the abandonment of the technology as a whole.

Jessop also said he did not care what decisions the labels make in the future in relation to DRM but he does see DRM in single downloads ending soon. DRM however, will still be necessary in monthly subscription services like Napster, he noted.

So far, flexible or open DRMs have not yet been widely developed and so interoperability will continue to be a problem at least in the near future.


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8 user comments

126.4.2007 11:45

About F*kin time... :)

226.4.2007 12:03

Agree took too long but good sign

326.4.2007 13:33

this is seriously music to my hears.

All of a sudden it seems like the RI/MPAA are getting a taste of their own medicine and are beginning to understand the consumer's perspective. I agree that it's taken way too long for these organizations; but what can I say? Better late than never, right?

426.4.2007 16:34

It will soon be in the hands of the consumer.

When Apple starts selling DRM-free iTunes (next month?), the industry will find their answer. If EMI makes more money this way, everybody else will follow. If EMI's sales don't increase, DRM is here to stay.

526.4.2007 19:51

Could the mafiaa be waving a white flag in the near future? Certainly looks like a possibility!

626.4.2007 20:50

this is another step towards the better, although it's not like DRM has not already been circumvented or anything.

727.4.2007 7:06

It sounds good coming from there that this looks like a step in the right direction but its always some underline BS hidden reason why they doing this which is never good for the consumer.

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827.4.2007 12:46

This will take some rime to implement and if so they may do a back flip on their decision. As i say "Watch this space"

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