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Joost gets Warner Bros content

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 09 May 2007 12:19 User comments (8)

Joost gets Warner Bros content Joost, the latest craze in the online video revolution has been given a boost with a deal that will see Warner Bros. Television Group content being made available through the service. This makes Warner Bros. the latest entertainment company to join the move to Internet video, both companies said on Monday after the deal was announced. No financial terms were disclosed.
Through the deal with Warner Bros., part of Time Warner Inc., Joost will now get a science fiction and celebrity channel this month. Joost has already signed up with Time Warner's Turner Broadcasting System Inc., Sony Corp.'s Sony Pictures Television and Hasbro Inc. for high quality full-length content.

Joost differs from services like YouTube, which host generally low quality short clips and favor amateur video (though are still loaded with unauthorized clips). It was created by the entrepreneurs behind the original Kazaa and of course, Skype. It is currently in public Beta phase.


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8 user comments

19.5.2007 13:03

They got about 5 My Chemical Romance music videos up now! M.C.R is a great band.

29.5.2007 13:40

i was not impressed with Joost. The beta program was buggy and took forever and a day to load a video.

39.5.2007 13:45

If it takes forever and a day to load a video maybe your connection is sh*t.
Dont forget always to read what the requirements are for it.
It's working fine for me and the videos load fine.

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49.5.2007 14:00

Two word of advice

"Port Forwarding"

Without it:

Emule is a sh*t
torrents are a sh*t
and eve joost is a sh*t

maybe is not only the connection, i have to say joost works like a charm for me witha 1mb connection even downloading stuff from the net at the same time

59.5.2007 14:17

I had to do no port forwarding at all for joost.
For torrents yes, but not for joost.
By the way if anyone is using peerguardian make sure you have it not to block joost as mine did.

69.5.2007 15:23

I'm quite happy having Joost. No problems at all. The only thing I don't like is the fact that joost takes quite a lot of cpu power for me.

79.5.2007 16:59

I have a few problems with joost also and its bugs it does not connect and let me watch. I have uninstalled it but will install it again and try again later.

89.5.2007 19:12

For all those having trouble with Joost they just posted a updated version of the program. You can download ithere. Hopefully it will fix the problems some of you are having.

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