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Pioneer introduces new, better performing Plasma HDTVs

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 09 May 2007 14:51 User comments (5)

Pioneer introduces new, better performing Plasma HDTVs This week, Pioneer introduced new HDTVs based on plasma technology that should have strong boosts in quality and performance.
The new TVs, the PDP5080XD and PDP6080XD will almost eliminate a concern of plat panel TVs, the inability to produce rich, deep and dark blacks. The new TVs promise 80% darker blacks than anything currently available on the market.

The new screens will boast a very nice contrast ratio of 20,000:1 due to what Pioneer calls "deep encased cell structure, crystal emissive layer and first surface color filter."

According to Pioneer, "with significantly deeper black levels (80% deeper than before), which ultimately lead to richer colours and sharper details, the new screens are unrivalled in video and audio performance."

Pioneer is calling the new line "Project KURO" (kuro is "black" in Japanese) and the TVs will support full 1080p resolutions.

There are no prices available as of now but Pioneer says the TVs will be hitting shelves soon.


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5 user comments

19.5.2007 16:10


29.5.2007 17:02

Sounds good. I love Pioneer products especially their DVD burners they are the best. I am of yet to try their other products.

39.5.2007 19:21

I think I will still see what happens with Laser Televisions and the other emerging technologies. Plasma is still just bit expensive for my poor mans budget

49.5.2007 20:52

you can get a pretty nice 50" panasonic plasma from newegg for about $2000 with a mount and delivered.

While not 1080p it is a nice tv

512.5.2007 18:35

I'm still holding out for SED, but this sounds promising.

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