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Apple iPod sales down

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 12 May 2007 19:40 User comments (11)

Apple iPod sales down According to sales numbers consolidated by NPD Group for the month of March, Apple iPod sales were down as the player lost market share again.
The iPod fell below 70 percent market share for the first time since early 2006. Picking up the extra share was SanDisk which reached 11.2 percent, and Creative which reached 3.6 percent.

The Microsoft Zune stayed at 2.5 percent market share, but Microsoft said they were optimistic that they could increase share with the release of new models and international sales.

The stats report also saw Apple destop and notebook sales increase for the month.


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11 user comments

113.5.2007 0:22

Hey, I dont remember getting that survey...

Below 70% huh? And so some 60+% of the market is not enough?! Its still the dominating power. BTW... FIRST POST, Booya.

EDIT- Er, 60+%, not 60%

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213.5.2007 6:47

Maybe People are willing to buy for quality and Price. I love my I pod but it does not mean that I will not consider the others for name alone. The others do a good job also and for a better price and not so proprietorial too.

TDL Ebay

313.5.2007 7:37

only so many pople can buy an ipod eventually

413.5.2007 7:52

only so many people can buy an ipod eventually
Thats what i thought at first but it is the % of people who are buyint mp3 players that have dropped.
ie: (ez numbers here) say in 2005 there where 10,000 Mp3 players bought well over 7,000 of those where ipods 70%! then in 2006 another 10,000 mp3 players where bought but out of that only 6,000 where ipods 60%, it is not saying that people keep buying new ipods & keep buying the same one or anything like that it is just a % of what is being sold being ipods!
P.S. i know those numbers are not accurate i was just making a point!
It is not that only so many people can buy ipods it is that only so many people can buy mp3 players the market will eventually saturated! But things break & people want the NEWEST one so...
but what apple wants is when the market drops down to say 100 being sold they want to sell 70 of them that is still 70%
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513.5.2007 8:47

creative really needs to start advertising more. zen can kick ipod's ass any day of the week

613.5.2007 19:29

The percent in change is so miniscule, I don't even see how apple can be bitching about this. They still have a monopoly-like hold on this market.

713.5.2007 21:46

This is data for ALL MP3 players, which includes those 512MB things as well. For large cap MP3 Apple had at one point 90%+ and these stats don't say what that is at now. When I can buy a Sandisk for $30 and the Shuffle or Nano are still $89-220, no wonder their share went up.

I own a Zen MicroPhoto 8gb, and I think I'm one of the only ones in the world ;)

813.5.2007 22:33

Overall Apple is still leading because they are loosing ground on Ipod sales shows that most people have got their player and now as we can see a slight increase in their desktops and notebooks can show that people are moving towards the Apple tree :)

914.5.2007 21:59

Originally posted by mark5hs:
creative really needs to start advertising more. zen can kick ipod's ass any day of the week

iPod owns anything.

1015.5.2007 16:46

Creative makes a far superior player to the iPod, but they don't advertise. I did see a Zen Vision M on an Orville Redenbacher (spelling?) commercial, but they didn't specifically say that it was a creative product.

Everywhere you turn, you see posters and whatnot for iPod. Media saturation will defiantly influence Joe Schmoe consumer’s decision.

1119.5.2007 8:11

Wonder how M$ stays at a whopping 2.5%? I've only seen one Zune outside of captivity, and that was with a girl who had just won the lottery (money to burn and not to much upstairs).

Perhaps they are counting units shipped to retailers as sold. hmmmmm

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