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ABC to offer HD TV shows online

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 15 May 2007 19:12 User comments (7)

ABC to offer HD TV shows online Walt Disney Co.'s Disney-ABC Television Group is set to begin offering high definition (HD) video content available on its website starting this summer. Beginning with a beta test in July, episodes of popular shows such as Lost, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty will be available on a HD broadband channel on the ABC website. An expanded line-up will be available when the new season begins in September.
Later on, in the fall, ABC plans to showcase national news and local content using its full-episode player. To fund the content, ABC will use local ads and other individualized marketing. ABC's portal currently offers viewing of more than a dozen television shows free-of-charge to users the day after the episodes originally air on TV.


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7 user comments

115.5.2007 21:02

*cough**Joost**cough* *cough**bandwagon**cough*

216.5.2007 0:01

Originally posted by PeaInAPod:
*cough**Joost**cough* *cough**bandwagon**cough*
ditto. They need to do something to keep up.

316.5.2007 0:53

they will force viewers to view using their own player with a secret MPAA rootkit that cripples you system as soon as you try to watch, delete, copy, paste ect, fuk... they already did that its called Vista!

416.5.2007 6:51

network stations already do this for shows like survivor and tons of stuff. Joost wasnt the first company to start having tv channels.

CBS lets you stream them all, and i bet abc is going to be streaming too.

516.5.2007 7:22

Ditto; ABC already has streaming set up for many of their shows, such as Lost, in SD instead of HD.

What is the buzz about Joost? TVUPlayer already does what Joost does and you don't need a "beta" invite...

616.5.2007 12:59

Joost is like free cable, you got MTV, Warner Brothers, CBS, tons of big name media corporations signing up for Joost. Why? Because they see the future and it is Joost. Any company can host a stream of their own TV show, but go on the net and try finding a decent video (doesn't pause to stream, good video quality, etc.) of anything. Chances are you wont find one.

719.5.2007 7:28

Lost in HD. Good stuff.

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