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SED displays are delayed yet again

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 25 May 2007 19:47 User comments (7)

SED displays are delayed yet again Once again, the debut of surface-conduction electron-emitter display (SED) television sets has been put back. Toshiba has delayed the technology, which was set for a Q4 introduction, and now it is unknown when SED sets will make it to the market. The company has blamed Canon, which is producing the panels that were set to be used in Toshiba's TVs, for the latest delays.
"The decision is based on information provided by Canon, indicating that Canon will not be able to provide SED panels to the original schedule," Toshiba said. Canon said that it is working to establish the technology it needs to mass-produce them more cheaply. SED technology can produce TVs as thin as plasma or LCD screens, but with the refresh speed of CRT along with the color intensity.

Failing to bring products to the market for so long means that SED will have even more competition to face from LCD and Plasma displays, which have seen falling prices and oversupply in recent times.

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7 user comments

125.5.2007 22:06

Noooo, not again. I've been waiting too long for these.

226.5.2007 1:58

screw sed, I keep having hope but i don't think it'll ever release. Good thing i bought a LCD to wait for sed.

326.5.2007 6:18

I love my LCD and im sticking to it :)

430.5.2007 17:09

I hope that they can work these issues out. From everything that I've read, this looks like the technology to wait for.

531.5.2007 7:18

Sad news.

TBH I find LCD a great disappointment, IMO they really are not all they're generally cracked up to be and have a series of 'issues' that continue to put me off of them.

They're OK as a PC monitor but I really don't like them enough to be my 'big' TV. fact that's their only big deal as far as I can see, size (physically larger screens & relatively skinny).
I just find the image they display usually very lacking.

Plasma can sometime & in some areas be better but often just have yet another set of 'issues' all of their own.

SED looks like it might be the business (depending on how it's fixed native resolution manages with lower resolution content, which is still very much open to question......and we'll all still be watching a lot of SD TV content for many years yet so it is important).....

......but obviously it's looking like 'the industry' is contriving ways and means to delay it a lot more so as to milk the LCD/Plasma tech as long as they can before people get the chance to compare it to something better.

64.6.2007 15:55

i will continue to wait for this technology to arrive and be affortable, in the meantime a ** OK ** tv would be a pioneer elite 50'' 1080p which is 10gs yet i can find online vendors for new sealed ones for 3700 bucks.... other then that plasma crt is still the best quality

727.6.2007 18:55

Maybe they are just waiting for the "next" big thing to come along. They will release the SED after all dollars have been earned from the LCD and Plasma screens. Then, they will milk the hell out of the SED, and then drop a new type of screen on us.

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